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Mighty Dog Canned Dog Food Review


    I have to be extremely honest going into this post. Mighty Dog holds a very special and sentimental place in my heart.

    My two late puppies used to get Mighty Dog once a day and we would howl MIIIGHTTY DOGGG to them as we fed it to them.

    It was a fun and special moment that we had. But I wanted to do a deep dive review of this product because sentimental moments do not justify trying a product.

    So let’s do a deep dive on Mighty Dog.


    For those who know me, you know the first thing I don’t typically look at is the ingredients. I KNOW!

    It’s not the “right” thing to do. But for me, how my pets react to the food is priority #1.

    Mighty Dog is a brand of wet canned food from the company Purina. The food comes in a variety of flavors and styles with each food geared towards small dogs.

    Purina has always been a crowd pleaser for my pets.

    The Mighty Dog line is packed with protein and 100% complete nutrition for small dogs of all stages of life. They recommend feeding your pup this food alongside a standard dry kibble to give them extra nutrients and a nice treat.

     Taste and Texture

    Mighty Dog offers five different styles of dog food consisting of:

    • Finely Ground
    • Hearty Chopped
    • Thick-Sliced
    • Hearty Pulled-Style
    • Seared With Cheese

    My puppies really loved the hearty chopped and the thick-sliced. The reason they liked this was they could “rip” the pieces with their mouths but it was easy enough to swallow.

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    When it comes to the prices of Mighty Dog there are a couple of factors that come into play. First, the real cost of this food comes when you look at how much and how often you feed your dog.

    We used to give our dogs half a can a mighty dog each once a day.

    A case of 24 cans of Mighty Dog is usually around $60. But it will vary in price depending on the time of year.

    So for us, it was not as expensive as it would have been if we gave our dogs an entire can each day.

    Compared to other canned dog food, this brand can be on the more expensive side. So this is not something you want to start with if you are trying to be budget friendly.

    If this is something your dog has gravitated towards, I would recommend spreading it out over a day or two so you can get more bang for your buck.

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    does playing with your dog count as exercise

    Dog’s Verdict:

    Our dogs LOVED Mighty Dog!

    We started feeding it to them when we found out of one dog was diabetic. He had to get insulin shots twice a day, so we could give him a can of food at those times to distract him from getting his shots.

    He loved Mighty Dog so much he used to get EXCITED when he saw us getting his insulin ready every day.

    Final Verdict:

    For me, if my dogs like it, I like it. It was a great canned dog food to keep them occupied while we had to administer the shots.

    In addition, because they liked the food, it was not something to where we felt guilty every single time we had to give him a shot.

    He did not even notice it.

    So like I said in the beginning, Mighty Dog will always have a special place in my heart.

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