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Awesome Nerdy Cat Names For Your Cat

    Nerdy Cat Names

    A long time ago in a galaxy fur, fur away, humans started to realize just how awesome cats were.

    Some time ago, the word nerd used be a sign of  lower life form. However, now it is a term of endearment!

    Want to give your cat a nerdy name? Here are some suggestions.

    Let’s start with some nerdy cat names that work regardless of the gender!


    What more screams awesome nerdy cat than starting with the most famous math term ever?! Math nerds know that Pi equates to 3.1415926….and so on. This indefinite decimal has no end and is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. But whether you’re into math stats or not, Pi is a short and sweet name for your new feline friend.


    If you’re a computer nerd, Pixel is a cute option for either a female or male cat name with a techie twist.


    If video games are your weapon of choice maybe you want to go with one of your favorite video games. Everyone’s favorite early-90’s hedgehog was blazing fast and bright blue. While your cat is of a different species and doesn’t sport a bright blue coat, Sonic might be the perfect name for your new best friend.


    If Sonic just doesn’t seem to be the right fit for your furbaby, you can look to Sonic’s friends! Tails is Sonic’s sidekick and also has a name that’s ideal for cats: Tails. This may be purrfect if you cat is a SUPER LONG TAIL!


    If you are wanting to go old school on the video game naming, Atari makes a perfect retro nerdy cat name. Atari is an early gaming company that has made a lot of arcade and some of the first home video game systems.


    Just like Atari, Sega is a classic video game throwback. The Sega game console was a favorite early video game system, and you can bring back those memories if you name your cat Sega.


    If computers are your think, but not quite video game level, maybe you want to go on the more techy side. Programmers can name their cats after JavaScript, which is a popular programming language…and a GREAT name for a cat.


    Short for Macintosh, every Apple enthusiast knows that Mac makes a cute nerdy cat name.


    Did you know that nano stands for more than just an Ipod Nano? Yep! In fact the terms namo is a prefix that means ‘extremely small. If you’re on the prowl for a nerdy cat name for a small cat or a Munchkin breed, then Nano makes a great choice! Oh gosh, my first Munchkin cat will DEFINITELY be named Nano. I love it.

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    Nerdy Female Cat Names

    Nerdy females no longer have to be lame loser type characters anymore! In fact, a lot of the female characters that are considered “nerdy” are actually some bad to the bone roles!

    The late Carrie Fisher said of her Princess Leia character “I was not a damsel in distress. I was a distressed damsel.”

    Those are some tough girls to name your cat after!

    Lara Croft, Hermione, Xena and Uhura are all namesakes to be proud of. Read on for more!

    Princess Leia

    I mean, is there really a better nerdy cat name than Princess Leia. If you’re a Star Wars fan and looking for a nerdy cat name for a female cat, Princess Leia is a top option. The galactic heroine from the Star Wars movies makes a purr-fect nerdy cat name.


    Blaine Pascal was a famous mathematician and scientist. Today, the Pascal is a scientific unit of measure for pressure. You don’t need to know all of that, however, to know that Pascal makes a cute nerdy name for a female cat! And you can even use Pascal from Disney’s movie Tangled. Her little chameleon was also named Pascal.


    Hey Siri! Siri, the famous voice assistant housed in Apple’s devices, is a great name for your cat. If your feline friend is always listening for your call, name her Siri. While your cat may not be able to remind you of your next appointment or tell you the weather, she will have plenty of love and support to give. Just be careful that she doesn’t come running when you tell Siri to make a phone call or send a text message.


    For the tech lovers, you know that there are different stages of videogames, even programs. Beta stage is where you work out a lot of the bugs and kinks of your new products before you launch it live. If your kitten is known for being wild and out of control, Beta may be an awesome nerdy cat name.


    An open source operating system, Linux is a nerdy cat name for computer enthusiasts.


    A cute name for a nerdy cat, Dot is a play on the internet explosion known as the dot-com era. Dot is also just an absolutely adorable name for any cat if you are wanting to be inspired for past eras.


    If you are wanting to be inspired from women in history, Eleanor Roosevelt is a great choice of names for your new kitten. Sophiscated yet cute enough for your kitten. (Or if you are wanting a more modern day female historian, you can go with the late RBG, Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

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    Nerdy Male Cat Names

    Now we can’t forget about the boys now can we?

    If you like the nerd culture presented on Big Bang Theory, Sheldon, Leonard, Raj & Howard are good names.

    If Lord of the Rings is your guilty pleasure, Gandalf is good for a gray cat and Frodo is good for the cat who gets into trouble bigger than he is.Merry and Pippin would make cute names for a bonded pair. 

    Here’s some more!


    For fans of astronomy and space, Apollo is a great nerdy cat name. As many know, the Apollo spacecraft was the first spacecraft to place a man on the moon. While your cat may not live up to that level of awesome, it could still be an amazing nerdy cat name.  


    If you are a science nerd, then maybe that is where you can draw inspiration from! Helix is a great choice for science lovers. Basically a three-dimensional curve, a helix is best known for its role in giving DNA structure. Whether you’re a biology buff or not, Helix makes a unique cat name! (It is also a fun spin on Felix too).


    For the avid readers, maybe you want to name your cat after something that impacts you. Dewey, like the Dewey Decimal system, could be a great options for a male cat


    Borrow a nerdy cat name from a classic piece of literature and name your cat Atticus. A central figure in the well-read and much-loved To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finch is remembered for his wisdom and integrity. If Atticus doesn’t seem to fit your kitten right, maybe Finch is another option for your little feline friend.


    Are we even allowed to have nerdy cat names if we don’t include the famous Einsten?! I don’t think so! If your cat is super smart or always has a bright idea on scoring more treats, he sounds like an Einstein. This nerdy cat name is a no-brainer! If you want to be extra cute, you can instead name him Albert Einstein and give him MILLIONS of nicknames from there.


    Similar to Einstein, Newton is a dead giveaway for nerdy cat names. For science buffs, Newton makes a spectacular cat name for your male cat. You can also opt for the more formal ‘Sir Isaac Newton’ if you’re into super long names.


    We named Princess Leia with the females, but we couldn’t leave our a Star Wars option for the males. Yoda is small and wise—much like your furry friend. Smart your cat is!


    Finally, if you are into cars and technological enhancement, Tesla could be a great name for your cat. Nikola Tesla was a very famous inventor who created a lot of famous inventions today. Some of his most common inventions are the remote control and the neon light! Tesla automotives was even names after him as they continue to innovate the future!

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