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Best Female Cat Names

Best Female Cat Names Everyone can relate to finding it hard to come up with a name for your new pet. This time we will look at some of the better (in our opinion) female cat names. There are so many to choose from so we wanted to create a more condensed list of names for you to get some ideas. One name can spark your imagination and send you… Read More »Best Female Cat Names

Can Cats See In The Dark?

Can Cats See in the Dark? One area that I have already talked about a lot if what colors can cats see? We know that they see differently than humans. We also know that combined with their other senses, cats have excellent nighttime vision making them the perfect little midnight hunters. Do you ever feel like sometimes you cat is playing hide and seek with you in the middle of… Read More »Can Cats See In The Dark?

Why Does My Cat Purr So Loudly?

One of the best and most peaceful parts of owning a cat is when you hear them purr. Some cat’s purr very quietly, while others purr so loudly, you can hear it from nearly across the room. Do you know why cats purr? Well there are a lot of reasons, but the most common is happiness. So Why Does My Cat Purr So Loudly? So what does it mean when… Read More »Why Does My Cat Purr So Loudly?