newborn kitten guide: 2 weeks

Everything You Need to Know about 2 Week Old Kittens

I want this to be a complete guide for caring for a kitten week by week. If you find a kitten, you want to try your hardest to keep with them with their mothers. Their mothers will be able to nurse them, keep them warm, and protect them. Mothers know how to care for their babies so if they can be left with their mothers, they should for at least 8 weeks.

Why You Need to Spay Your Cat

I want to talk about something today that most people don’t want to talk about. The reason is that it can become a controversial topic, which leads to angry people and makes people uncomfortable. Well, I’m okay making people feeling uncomfortable.

What You Need to Know About National Holistic Pet Day

August 30 is National Holistic Pet Day.

National Holistic Pet Day is a day to highlight the importance of focusing on the animal as a whole.  Focusing on preventative health in Food, Body and Mind/Spirit.  Many times we wait until something is wrong before seeing a veterinarian, instead of preventing disease in the first place.

I Tried the BasePaws Cat DNA Kit. Should You?

I had the opportunity to test out BasePaws and do a complete review of it for my wonderful audience.

The first question some of you may be asking is, what is BasePaws? Well, they are a company who has developed DNA kits for cats! But more than that, their DNA kits are ever-growing and ever-evolving. These kits will also tell you about your cat’s health risks, it’s wildcat traits, and even more, as they continue to evolve!

Pet Love: Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

If you’ve lost a pet, you’ve probably heard of the Rainbow Bridge. It’s a mythical place that connects Heaven to Earth. When our pets die, it is believed that they go here, to wait for us until we can meet again and then join us in Heaven. It has hills and meadows and everything our furry friends could hope for.