why does cat sleep on me

Everything you need to know about Bengal Cats

First, let’s talk about what is actually a Bengal cat. Bengal cats are a pedigree breed that happens with you cross-breed and Asian Leopard Cat with a Domestic Shorthair cat. In order for a Bengal cat to be considered a Bengal cat and not a hybrid, they must be a least a fourth-generation mix. Oye! Anyone else’s brains hurt from reading that? WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?!

My Surprising First Step on the Pet Blogging Journey

So today I wanted to take a second and have a stroll down memory lane. I wanted to share with you the story of my first dog, Jake. I like to believe that the adoption of Jake was the leading factor to almost all animal-related events that happened in our life. And sometimes it is better to take a look back and understand your past so you can be more prepared for your future.

What size dog is best for your family

What Size Dog is Best for Your Family?

If you are thinking of adopting a puppy, hopefully, you have read the different adoption options to choose from and some things to consider before adding a puppy to your family. If you have done so, then you are ready to move onto picking your breed. BUT! Just because I like to keep you all on your toes, there is actually one more step you need to think about before picking out a breed. What is that you may be asking? Well, that is thinking about the SIZE of the dog you may want.

Which Cat Gender Is ACTUALLY Best?!

So you are thinking of getting a cat, or you already have a cat and your curiosity is just killing you. (See what I did there? I wait for the groaning to stop). For many people, the process of getting a cat comes with stages. The first stage is deciding whether or not to get a cat, the next stage is determining WHERE you will adopt your new cat from, and next is deciding on breed and gender.

A Cat’s Sensational Love Story: From Fearful To Forever

Knock, knock, knock Penny! Knock, Knock, Knock Penny! Any fans of Big Bang Theory out there? If so, then you probably understand the reference and see the humor behind our naming convention of my parent’s cat Penny. Penny is a special cat and I wanted to make sure to tell her story because it was truly the turning point of my families love for cats.