Can Cats Sense Pregnancy?

Can Cats Sense Pregnancy? How can cats sense pregnancy in humans? For any expecting mothers out there, you may have noticed your cats acting differently towards toward the last few days. Only to find out you are pregnant! So how can cats sense pregnancy before you know? Most likely, their refined sense of smell and their ability to detect the changes in your body temperature and in your movements, habits,… Read More »Can Cats Sense Pregnancy?

6 Common New Cat Owners Mistakes You Want To Know About

6 Common New Cat Owners Mistakes You Want To Know About Owning a cat is a lot of fun! And they can bring so much joy to our lives. From kittenhood to adulthood, cats can bond with their humans and form a really special relationship. While I highly doubt you will completely regret adopting a cat, you may have moments. Just like with parenthood, everyone makes mistakes. To ensure that… Read More »6 Common New Cat Owners Mistakes You Want To Know About

why does my cat sleep on me

Why Do Cats Have Whiskers?

Why Do Cats Have Whiskers? There are a few features in a cat that everyone knows and loves, including cat whiskers. Those stiff hairs on your cat’s face and legs don’t just add to their cuteness — they have real work to do. Whiskers play an important part in helping your cats navigate the world. Whiskers are GPS and radar systems for your cat. How Do Whiskers Work? Because the… Read More »Why Do Cats Have Whiskers?

Is Aloe safe for Cats?

Is Aloe safe for Cats? Introduction: Aloe is used in many different things from sunscreen and burn ointments to food items like yogurt and juices. Some people even have them in their homes for health benefits but are there also health benefits for animals like cats? Cats are curious animals by nature and may come across this plant. Is aloe safe for cats? What happens if your cat eats aloe?… Read More »Is Aloe safe for Cats?

How Much Water Do Cats Need?

How much water do Cats need? Introduction: All living beings need water and cats are no exception. Just as they need water though, you need to be informed about their water consumption and problem. As cats can have if they do not get enough water. For cats in ancient times, water was never really a problem as they got their water from the food they ate, namely mice and other… Read More »How Much Water Do Cats Need?