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What Pet-Related Products Do You Need?


    So if you have been around my blog, then chances are you have read my two posts ‘6 Cat Products You Should be Buying from Amazon’ and ‘6 Dog Products You Should be Buying on Amazon’. Hopefully, you have taken those posts seriously, automated your pet products, saved some cash and are spending more time with your pets! Check you out you little saver and pet lover.

    Now it’s time to Treat Yo Self! What if you want to get yourself some pet-related gear with all that money you’re saving? Well, the great news is that there are TONS of places that specialize in pet-related products for humans to enjoy!

    What Kind of Pet Products Do You Want?

    One of the first things you need to decide is what kind of pet product do you want? Do you want cat-related products? Do you want dog-related products? Do you want something of just your pet?! Great news will talk about each of those today!

    Cat-Related Pet Products

    So, let’s say you have a cat. You want a t-shirt that shows how much you love your cat, or some home décor so that the world knows there is a cat present. Then you need to check out Meowingtons! They have everything from cat earrings (that I may be wearing as I am typing this! I only promote things that I absolutely love!). to cat-themed blankets! And best of all, they help homeless cats find homes!

    I could talk for hours about how awesome Meowingtons is, but I will keep it short. In their free time, they foster cats and use their social media reach to help find these cats homes! They have also opened up their office to a cat café that has a bunch of cats ready for adoption. They never cease to amaze me with their love of cats. And it doesn’t hurt that their products are adorable, cheap, and get me as a cat lady. (One of my guilty pleasure purchases recently was this cat sticker. I’m not going to tell you what it is in the hopes you click on it and get a pure pleasure that I did what I saw it).

    I also want to call out that if you use code LLAPTRIBE at Meowingtons you will get 20% off your order!

    Dog Related Pet Products

    Let’s do the same thing for dogs! You want the same thing that the cat owners want! Well, unfortunately, Meowingtons is only cat-related. But the great news is that Amazon also has AMAZING dog-related products. While you are ordering your dog products, you can get a few things for yourself.

    Whether you are wanting a workout shirt about puppies, or a puppy pillow that will make you laugh, you can find pretty much whatever you are wanting to show the world how much you love your dogs! All that you now have to decide is your price limit, what you are wanting to purchase, and what is your limit on the number of purchases. (I always have to limit myself on the number of purchases because when I get going on sales, I can go crazy! Especially, with Amazon’s two-day shipping!)

    One callout that I do want to make is that dog-related products do NOT make you crazy. You can find so many products that show the world you love your dog without seeming tacky. And don’t get me wrong there are plenty of tacky options out there if that’s what you want.

    Workout tanks that talk about dogs are becoming more and more popular. So much so that no longer are you a crazy animal lover if you own one, but instead a pretty normal person. There is a social norm that is starting to form where you can show the world what you love without being titled as crazy or a loser, which I love. Mostly, because I like to show the world how much I love animals! Especially if the shirt I’m sporting helps rescued or endangered animals. Spreading the love!

    You can also check out some super cute products that Pawtree has! They tend to be more focused on the dogs themselves, but there are also some great products for you and your dog to enjoy!

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    Personalized Pet Products

    Now, let’s take this party up a notch even more! We love our cat-related products and our dog-related products. But what about our pets? What if we want to show the world just how cute our pets are? Or how much we love them?

    Well, you could have been like me and taken serious consideration in getting their paw prints tattooed on your body. Still somewhat thinking about that, but on the fence. Or you could opt for a less permanent way to show off your animals. That is with personalized pet products.

    There are so many places where you can get personalized pet products for pretty much anything! But today I’m only going to mention two. Partially because they are my two favorites, but there could always be the second edition of this as time goes on. Who knows!

    But those two are Meowington’s Personalized Products, and an EXTREMELY talented artist named Zoe-Beth. Now I’m going to go into a lot more detail on Zoe a little farther down. So for now, I will just talk about Meowingtons…again.

    So we know that have super cute cat products, and cat-themed human apparel. But what you may not know is that they have options where you can PERSONALIZE the apparel! I know, I know! It’s so crazy! You can get personalize cat blankets, cat phones cases, even get your pets put onto a water bottle!

    It’s also super important so I want to call out AGAIN that if you use code LLAPTRIBE at Meowingtons you will get 20% off your order!

    The Artist Named Zoe

    So, if I have sold you above on the idea of needing pet products, especially personalized pet products, then I want to tell you about someone amazing. Her name is Zoe-Beth. She is an amazing up and coming artist who can make your puppy pictures a reality.

    So let’s start by giving you a run-down on this person. Why would I be talking about this one person? Mostly because of how amazing she is, not only as an artist but as a person too. Zoe-Beth is originally from New Zealand and came to America to play golf in college.

    Lucky for us, she has decided to stay for a while and share her amazing artwork. She is now an Art Teacher for Autistic children and loves to work-out and paint in her free time. Some examples of her paintings will be spread throughout this post so you can get an idea of just how talented this artist is.

    She is able to do pretty much anything you ask her to do. On top of that, she can use pretty much any medium for the artwork that is requested. Her best works are usually done with pen and paper, or paint. One medium she has done recently that I find very fascinating is a black canvas (Yes, BLACK), with white paint. Talk about POP.

    Now, you can be a crazy cat or dog lady and have your cat or dog hanging up in your home without seeming as crazy. (Because it’s art people!). This awesome artist has a website and calls hers Kreative Kiwi Gone Wild. Anyone familiar with New Zealand culture will get that reference. where you can see other non-animal related art. She is also on Instagram if you would like to creep on her and get ideas. (Let’s be realistic, if I’m having someone do art for me, I need inspiration. Phoebe and Wobbles are too cute to not have the best, AM I RIGHT?!). Her Instagram is @zoemiladabrake.

    What is also so amazing is that you can either go onto her website, or Instagram to request a product. She is quick at responding and connecting with you on a personal level to make sure you are getting the products that you want. Her turnaround time is normally fairly speedy but can vary on the number of requests she gets.

    Her pricing is also awesome! I joke with her that she needs to charge more for her art, but lucky for my readers she doesn’t listen to me. For now. My biggest suggestion, however, would be to connect with her early. Her art is already starting to spread across Instagram and has even been asked to be in some restaurants. Make sure you book your appointment with her while you still can!

    If you do reach out her to, make sure you let her know that you were directed to her by Paige of Live Long and Pawspurr! She may give you so special treatment because she knows how much we love our animals.

    How to Contact Her

    So I mentioned it in the section above. But if you are a skimmer like me, then you may have missed it. Fear not, I will give them to you again. There are two ways in which you can talk to her, her website or Instagram. Her Kreative Kiwi Gone Wild. A but is also linked to both of these, and her Instagram is @zoemiladabrake. You can Direct Message (or DM for all the cool kids) her for her requests and begin the discussion process for your pet pictures. Make sure you connect with her soon, her fame is starting to grow and will only continue into the future. Conclusion:

    One great thing about pet products for yourself are the options that are available. If you want something that just shows off your cats, workout shirts that show your love for puppies, or want a personalized work of art to hang on your wall, they all exist!

    You can find something for all of your pet needs! As unique or as popular as you want!


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