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Pet Water Fountain Review

    Pet Water Fountain Review


    Does your cat drink enough water? Are you getting tired of seeing the full bowl of water for a few days because your cat isn’t interested in drinking? This product is a great way to hopefully get your cat to drink more water plus it looks nice too. The Veken Pet Fountain is a great way to give your pet water in a more unique way. 

    In this review, we will look at the features, ease of use and price. While it may not be the most flashy of products, this fountain might surprise you with what it brings to the table.

    Description & Features: 

    The Veken Pet Fountain, like most fountains, is run by a pump. It is very quiet and can last up to 4 years if maintained properly. This may not be the biggest fountain but it does have an 84 ounces ( 2.5 L) capacity which is more than enough for a cat or two for a day.

    This fountain is also BPA free and the triple filtration system help provide clean and healthy water for your pet. The triple filtration system is only a pad with activated carbon, ion exchange resin and non-woven fabric but it is still better than unfiltered water.

    The Veken has 3 different flow settings allowing you to present your cat with moving water options. We only use the flower waterfall as it is the closest to a faucet run on low. The fountain also comes with a silicon mat to place it on so water that spills around it will be caught if spilled close enough to the fountain. Cats in particular really seem to like running or moving water to drink and a fountain like this might help a cat who is not drinking enough water every day.

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    Ease of Use:

    The Veken Pet Fountain is very easy to set up and use but it does require some maintenance. The most frequent maintenance needed is adding water. As you already do this for your water dishes this should be a relatively painless process. The filter also needs to be changed every 2-4 weeks but if that 5th week makes an appearance every now and then it won’t be a big deal. Just make sure to clean the fountain weekly to prevent major buildup around the pump and the edge of the fountain.

    As with any moving part appliance, the cleaner you keep it, the longer it will last. The harder the pump has to work to get around built up dust or hair that faster it will burnout. This is pretty much standard when it comes to these types of fountains so if this is what turns you off of buying a fountain, a fountain may not be the best option for you.


    The price of this fountain is about average. All the other fountains that boast the same features is within a dollar or two of this price. Some of the more expensive fountains are made with either ceramic or stainless steel but those are about double or even triple the price of this fountain.

    If you are looking to just try a fountain, this is a very inexpensive but quality option. In my opinion, this is the best bang for your buck.

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    Final Verdict:

    The Veken Pet Fountain is a great little starter fountain if not a finishing fountain. We have already bought two of them as the old one was not maintained well (mt fault) and began to lose steam. The features and safety is an added bonus for the price and because of the price, we didn’t hesitate to buy a new on once the old burned out.

    The one downside is that is does require some maintenance to keep it running for the full 4 years but that is the only downside I have come across. The Veken would be a great addition to your pets watering needs to pick one up on Amazon today (link).

    Pet’s Verdict:

    I recently got to witness a dog use one of these fountains. And while it may seem small for a dog, this particular dog could not get enough water from this fountain. Whether it was the noise of the moving water or the actual movement of it that caught his attention we will never know but that does not detract from the fact that he nearly cleaned out the fountain in one go.

    Now this particular dog does have a fondness for water so take this with a grain of  salt.

    Phoebe also really likes this fountain. Because, as mentioned above, some cats like the look and feel of running water instead of the sedentary water bowls. So as you can see both dogs and cats seem to really like this fountain. Which means you should really give it a try with your pet.

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