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Purina Kitten Chow Kitten Food Review


    When it comes to finding kitten food, it can be one of the hardest things to figure out with your cats. Especially making sure kittens get the nutrients they need.

    Sure, they will be happy with any box that toys you get them come in, and they will honestly “go” wherever there is litter for them to cover up.

    But finding a food that agrees with your energetic kitten’s palette, their nutritional needs, and your conscious is not always easy.

    So let’s do a deep dive into Purina Kitten Chow Kitten Food


    I am not even going to sit here and pretend like I am an ideal cat mom. Especially when it came to kitten food.

    Most of the time when I was getting kitten food, it was in a hurry because we had just found newborn kittens, or we had about a day notice before they were coming to our house.

    When it comes to kitten food for them, if they like it, and they maintain a healthy weight…the ingredients are not the first thing I am looking at.

    But for you awesome kitten moms and moms to be out there, I started looking at the ingredients in the different foods I was feeding my kitties and was pleasantly surprised with Purina.

    I was able to pronounce the entire first three lines of ingredients in the cat food. (And understood nearly all of them!).

    The first three ingredients on the list were Turkey, Rice, and Corn!

    Now for all you organic kitty mommas out there, this may not be the perfect fit. There is definitely processed ingredients in this cat food.

    But I can’t be sitting there eating crackers and saying I feed kittens only eat organic. (Like I said, definitely not an organic cat mom).

    So if you’re looking for something 100% organic, Purina is not for you.

    However, I actually rank it higher than most in terms of ingredients because the items they put in their food, are items that I would actually make for my kitties if I were to give them human food instead of dry food.

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     Taste and Texture

    Now, the taste is solely based on how quickly I notice my cats eating them.

    And considering they would run to the food bowls every time we open the bins and it was always gone seemed to do pretty well for us! 

    Now you have to remember that some kittens will prefer wet food over dry food. So don’t be surprised if they gravitate towards that instead the dry food sitting out.

    Finally, the size of the kibble for these are perfect for kittens.

    They are big enough for them to crunch down on them, but not so big that a little kitten can’t eat it comfortable.


    Purina Pro Plan does run a little on the more expensive side. The weight management one that I get is usually around less than $15 for a 14lb bag. It does vary based on sales and availability.

    But you can pronounce almost all the ingredients.

    And the cats like it.

    And kittens will most likely eat a lot.

    So for me, the cost of this kitten food is great for a growing kitten that needs to get their nutrients in while still enjoying the taste.

    I personally prefer to get this on Amazon. I can get the larger bag delivered to my doorstep every month and not have to worry about running out!

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    Cat’s Verdict:

    It is really important to remember that every kitten is unique.

    One kitten may absolutely love one brand of cat food, and the next may not be as fond of it.

    I have been extremely lucky in the fact that all the kittens I have had enjoy Purina Kitten Food. (And the ones that did not…only would eat wet food so we figured that one out quickly).

    Every cat is unique and will like different flavors and tastes.

    My cats liked it as kittens! But will yours?

    Final Verdict:

    When it comes to cat food, the biggest factor that goes into whether or not you should get it is simple.

    Do your cats like it? My kittens love Purina Kitten Chow!

    Which is why I get it…along with the other factors I mentioned above.

    If you are looking for a kitten food to feed your new kittens so they are able to grow up big and strong, try out Purina Kitten Chow. See if it is the right fit for your cat! And if you liked this, make sure you check out my Favorite Cat Products To Get On Amazon!


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