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Purina Pro Plan Cat Food Review


    When it comes to finding cat food, it can be one of the hardest things to figure out with your cats.

    Sure, they will be happy with any box that toys you get them come in, and they will honestly “go” wherever there is litter for them to cover up.

    But finding a food that agrees with your cat’s palette, their diet, and your conscious is not always easy.

    So let’s do a deep dive into Purina Pro Plan.


    I am not even going to sit here and pretend like I am an ideal cat mom.

    When it comes to dry food for them, if they like it, and they maintain a healthy weight…the ingredients are not the first thing I am looking at.

    But for you awesome cat moms out there, I started looking at the ingredients in the different foods I was feeding my kitties and was pleasantly surprised with Purina Pro Plan.

    I was able to pronounce the entire first three lines of ingredients in the cat food. (And understood nearly all of them!).

    The first three ingredients on the list were Turkey, Rice, and Corn!

    Now for all you organic kitty mommas out there, this may not be the perfect fit. There is definitely processed ingredients in this cat food.

    But I can’t be sitting there eating crackers and saying my cats eat organic. (Like I said, definitely not an organic cat mom).

    So if you’re looking for something 100% organic, Purina Pro Plan is not for you.

    However, I actually rank it higher than most in terms of ingredients because the items they put in their food, are items that I would actually make for my kitties if I were to give them human food instead of dry cat food.

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    can cats have coconut

    Taste and Texture

    Now, the taste is solely based on how quickly I notice my cats eating them.

    And considering they run to the food bowls every time we open the bins, and it is currently gone as I am typing this, I would say they like the taste.

    I do have one cat (out of four) that does not eat dry food. I am not sure if she doesn’t like the taste of Purina Pro Plan, or just prefers wet food.

    Another important thing to call out is the size of the pieces. They are a decent size to where the cats have to chew them to eat them. (Which is really good for cleaning their teeth).

    But not so big that our little kitten (a year old but still a small thing), can’t eat it comfortable. They all enjoy it and have not trouble scarfing it down.


    Purina Pro Plan does run a little on the more expensive side. The weight management one that I get is usually around $40 for a 16lb bag. It does vary based on sales and availability.

    But you can pronounce almost all the ingredients.

    And the cats like it.

    And Phoebe has lost weight on it. (Which was definitely needed).

     So for me, I’ll pay a little extra for the cat food each time. And one bag for four cats will usually last us about a month and a half…sometimes longer!

    I personally prefer to get this on Amazon. I can get the larger bag delivered to my doorstep every month and not have to worry about running out!

    >> Get Purina Pro Plan Delivered To Your House Now

    Cat’s Verdict:

    The funniest thing about Purina Pro Plan is how we started using it. The cats were told by the vet that they needed to go on a diet.

    So we looked to see the best recommended cat food for weight loss and found two we liked.

    Bought both. Tried one, cats did not eat it.

    Decided to see if they would eat Purina Pro Plan…scarfed it right up. Like I said…they go running to the food bowl in the morning!

    It’s pretty obvious that they love it. THANK GOODNESS.

    Final Verdict:

    I loved Purina Pro Plan right when I bought it. Initially because it was for weight management for out kitties, and was sold when the cats loved it.

    What put me over the edge to ecstatic with this product was when I looked at the ingredients. I’m a semi-healthy cat mom feeding them all these good ingredients!!!

    Their weight is healthy, they all very happy. And it doesn’t completely break

    the bank!

    Purina Pro Plan checks all the boxes for me as a cat mom!

    But what I will tell you to finish this review off… go with what your cats like! If they are a healthy weight, and are enjoying the food they are eating, don’t switch!

    Don’t change the food just because some cat mom on Instagram said they need to only eat organic. Do you!

    With that I will get off my soapbox!

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