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Purina Tidy Cats 24/7 Performance Clumping Litter Review


    Cat Litter. We all use it. Anyone with a cat knows the importance of having a cat litter that will not only clump, but also help with the wonderful smells our kitties leave behind for us.

    You can see a high level overview of my recommended cat litters, along with my other top cat products in my post Cat Products to get on Amazon.

    But for now, let’s do a deep dive on Purina Tidy Cats. Specifically their 24/7 performance clumping litter.

    Odor Elimination:

    Purina Tidy Cats 24/7 Performance claimed to be working all day every day to eliminate odor. This is also the one that is recommended for multiple cats.

    With four cats, I will say that it does a great job at eliminating the odors of four cats. There is obviously still a smell when the cats use it immediately after. But even for our normal litter box, not our Litter Robot, our home doesn’t smell like, well cats!

    Clumping Ability:

    Purina Tidy Cats is a clumping litter, so I knew it would do what it claims. Which is CLUMP. For our Litter Robot, we did have to set the time for it to cycle to about 7 minutes to ensure it would actually clump.

    For our normal litter boxes, the clumping ability really hasn’t been a problem at all. We do have to completely replace the litter every month or so. But with four cats, I don’t think that’s a big deal at all.

    With the Purina litter, clumps were small, solid, and didn’t fall apart when we scooped them, unlike many other litters. This made the litter box look much cleaner and fresher than it typically does!

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    This section my husband ASKED me to add into our reviews. Why? Because it can cover smells, clump like the rest of them, but if it sticks to the cats paws, then you end up with litter EVERYWHERE. (Which is an issue we have had with another brand I will not name).

    Purina Tidy Cats 24/7 performance still has some tracking of litter outside of  the litter box. It is better than a lot of other cat breeds, but you will still have to vacuum around the litter box to ensure you don’t end up with litter all over the floor.

    Ease of Use:

    Purina Tidy Cats is available in multiple weights, but we tested out the 40 lb box. Luckily, we order ours from Amazon, which meant we only had to carry it from the front door to our upstairs spot.

    I think the packaging is the biggest con that I have about Purina Tidy Cats 24/7 Performance. It is heavy and clunky to pour into the litter box.

    Now, that’s not a major con for me because I have a husband who I can make pour the heavy box in to start if off until it lighten ups a little. You can also choose their 20 lbs. option which makes it a lot easier to carry and pour.


    As we mentioned earlier, Purina Tidy Cats is available in a variety of sizes and prices. The 40-pound box will run you roughly $20, but there are always sales and different prices for less.

    Overall, we think the quality and quantity of litter you receive is worth the price. 

    Final Verdict:

    Purina Tidy Cats 24/7 Performance is currently our top choice for cat litters. While it is clunky to get the 40 pound box, having it delivered by Amazon makes it way easier to get more bang for your buck.

    When it comes to cat litter, the most important thing for me is the odor, which is why Purina Tidy Cat is a top pick for our home with four cats

    *I also mentioned Litter Robot within this post. In short, our Litter Robot is an automatic litter box which allows us to now have to scoop liter EVER (well for that litter box). You can get $25 off your Litter Robot using this link if you are completely sick for scooping!

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