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Scruffy Paws Nutrition Scrub And Shine Dental Powder Review

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    Guess who’s back, back again? Yes, you are right! We are here doing another review of Scruffy Paws Nutrition, but this time we are diving into their Scrub And Shine Dental Powder.

    Let’s start again with one of my favorite questions to ask. Are you giving your cat all the vitamins it needs?

    If you are only giving them dry cat food and treat, chances are they are not getting nearly enough nutrients to really get them in top physical shape. I would equate that to eating meat, potatoes, and cookies all day. In moderation, we will all be “healthy”. But not nearly as healthy as a balanced diet. Enter Scruffy Paws Nutrition.

    Should you get these for you cat? Keep reading.

    Who Are Scruffy Paws Nutrition?

    For those of you just checking in on these reviews, let’s talk about who is ‘Scruffy Paws Nutrition’? They are a small up and coming company who created their own nutritional supplements. After being frustrated by not finding supplements that both benefitted their cats’ ailments and that their cat would be willing to eat, they decided to give it a try for themselves.

    Their personality really shines on their website, and in speaking with them through email. They are real people. And that was something that really interested me. Their page that talks about their story is honest, genuine, and made me smile.

    If you’re a company that makes me smile when I’m on your website, you have already done something right in my book.

    The reason I smiled when looking at their site was you could tell they really care about what they did. They are a small company, they are not afraid to admit it. Even joke about it. But there are not thousands of them pushing products trying to make money. Sometimes small is better because it means more customer service, more personalized relationships, and really feeling values.

    As a small company myself, I personally think they are the best, but I may be a little biased in that area.

    Products Scruffy Paws Nutrition Offers

    As I mentioned before, Scruffy Paws is a company that is based on nutritional supplements for your pets. They focus a lot of kidney issues. They have chews and drops directly related to that along with an E-Book that explains kidney disease.

    Kidney disease is a real issue in cats and tends to be more prone in certain breeds. So if you notice your cat showing signs of kidney disease, a kidney infection, or any kidney issue, it’s imperative that it is checked out by a licensed veterinarian.

    Scruffy Paws Nutrition understands that issue, which is why they focus so much that! If you have any questions about kidney issues in cats, Scruffy Paws Nutrition is a great place to go. (After me and a vet of course. Although I will admit, they may know more about kidney disease than I do right now…so a tie with me and them).

    They have so many more products, kind of like the multi-vitamin I reviewed a while ago. They also have some new products like the Scrub And Shine Dental Powder I will be reviewing here shortly.

    With me now having four cats, I was interested to see how this would go this time around. Again, all four cats are still healthy. No kidney issues, not other health issues, and this whole test is really a preventative measure. Much like how we take our vitamins and eat health as preventative measures for ourselves.

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    Scruffy Paws Nutrition Packaging

    Let’s start by this review again by talking about their packaging.

    I received the product this cute cylinder. On the front, they had their logo with the design of their Scrub And Shine Dental Powder. Overall, pretty much exactly like what you would see on their website. Which I love! So often, you go to websites and order something, and it ‘resembles’ the product…but definitely not what you were expecting.

    Not the case for this. What you see if what you get. And I thought it was just adorable! I will have to say my initial reaction of the product was solely based on their packaging and I could not wait to rip it open for the cats to try it.

    Which leads up into the next section. The Cats Reactions

    My Cats Reaction

    If you have read my first review, then you know that I have some of the two pickiest cats in the world with Phoebe and Wobbles! One won’t even eat wet cat food, the other will ONLY eat wet cat food. And even cat treats, don’t really do anything for them.

    So I was curious this time about two different things. One, what will the two new kittens think about this product? And two, have they cracked the magic code for Phoebe and Wobbles? (As a disclaimer, there is no magic code currently known to make picky cats try new things.  If Scruffy Paws figures that out for all cats, oh! They will have a legacy on their hands. *Remember me if you do!)

    So these Scrub And Shine Dental Powder  comes in almost a powder type form. This product is a daily support formula for dental health and hygiene in cats. For those of you that don’t know, and I will write a post about this at a later day, dental decay is a major issue with cats.

    I know way too many people who have told me that they have cats who have to have their teeth pulled from decay. I wish I knew about the Scrub And Shine Dental Powder years ago so I could have given it to them and potentially saved their cats from having to have dental surgery.

    Anyways, you pour the powder on wet, or dry cat food once a day to help keep cats teeth healthy, strong, and clean. And honestly, because it was a powder that just goes on top of food, I had a glimmer of hope the cats would actually try it!

    Guys, I cannot express my excitement. ALL FOUR CATS ate it right up. Phoebe did not even blink with it on the dry food. And the other animals did not even care with it on their wet food.

    The only time a kitten wouldn’t eat it all was if the wet cat food flavor wasn’t their favorite. In those instances, they usually only eat a small portion of the wet cat food, and then move onto another bowl to see if there is a flavor they “prefer” before coming back to their original bowl.

    And again, I am not going to lie to you guys as say my cats have sparkling white teeth now, because we all know that’s not true. That’s not even what Scruffy Paws Nutrition expects. They are focused on long term goals. I will continue to keep you guys posted, but if you never a post from me about my cats having to something done, they this wonderful product worked.

    And in terms of the cats’ reaction, that’s hard to say. For picky cats, my best comment is no reaction is a good reaction. All four of them ate the food with the powder on it and had no concerns about doing so. Never once did they even try to eat around the powder. So adding it into their food was simple!

    So Scruffy Paws, you did something right there! Maybe you have secretly figured it out how to make all animals eat vitamins!

    My Reaction Based On My Cat’s Reaction

    Now, the important part. The part you have all been waiting for, my reaction.

    It’s hard for me to separate my reaction with the cats’ reaction in this one. There was no instances where I noticed the cats “feeling” better. But I also wasn’t expecting to see that. It’s like if you have a child brushing their teeth more.

    They aren’t going to be dancing around the living room, it’s teeth. But it’s crazy important for the long run.

    The biggest thing for me that made me so happy was the fact that my cats ate it. And on top of eating it, they ate it with ease. I never had to swirl the powder into the wet food. Or put it in some cheese and hope they wouldn’t notice.

    Heck, when I was getting the wet food out, one of our kittens was eating the wet food AS I was pouring the powder on. Literally not phased one bit.

    In a cat mom’s eyes, ease and cat enjoyment is so important. You want them to be healthy, but no one wants to hold their cat down and brush their teeth two times a day. Measuring out some powder with dinner is WAY easier.

    The other thing I like is the finance side of it. These are really not that expensive! With four cats, I am expecting this to last a little less than a month. (Remember guys, four cats!). While the “monthly” cost sounds frustrating, what makes me un-phased by this is looking at the bigger picture.

    If cats have to get their teeth pulled, it is about $800 per session. Four cats, $800 dollars a session, and let’s say worse case scenario two different surgeries per cat, that is $6,400 in dental costs for cats!

    I think that’s probably the equivalent of buying Scruffy Paws Nutrition for…roughly 20+ years. Yep, math wins in this battle.


    All in all, I think this product is great! The idea of a product that helps keep my cats teeth healthy is really what drew me in and the charm of the company themselves. I cannot stress enough how enjoyable these people are to work with.

    If you have a cat with health issues, especially kidney disease, Scruffy Paws Nutrition is a company you will want to use for a lot of your research. They really seem to care about the cats, which is really what we all want. We want real people in real companies helping real people with real problems. Really.

    If you want to help your cat’s teeth in the long run, try out the Scrub And Shine Dental Powder. I have a good feeling you won’t regret it!

    And if you use discount code PURR10, you can receive 10% off your first order!




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