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My Complete Review of Scruffy Paws Nutrition


    My Complete Review of Scruffy Paws Nutrition

    You take a vitamin every day. Okay! Fine! I don’t always take my vitamins every day. But you should! Doctors say it’s good for your health and helps fill in nutrients that you are not getting from the food you eat.

    We all know it. Some of us do it like we supposed to. And others know we SHOULD, or prefer it in a gummy fashion. (Both of those are me, I admit it). At the end of the day, when it comes to vitamins, they come highly recommended by doctors, nutritionists, and probably Instagram Influencers if we are all being honest.

    So why am I, a pet blogger, talking about vitamins? Simple! We know we should be taking our vitamins every day. And we know that we love our pets, probably more than most people. Which leads me to my next question.

    Are you giving your cat all the vitamins it needs?

    If you are only giving them dry cat food and treat, chances are they are not getting nearly enough nutrients to really get them in top physical shape. I would equate that to eating meat, potatoes, and cookies all day. In moderation, we will all be “healthy”. But not nearly as healthy as a balanced diet. Enter vitamins!

    And enter a multi-vitamin for cats! Yes, I am going to be reviewing a multihealth bites- for cats that my fur-babies got to review recently.

    Should you get these for you cat? Keep reading.

    Who Are Scruffy Paws?

    The company in which these vitamins are from are titled ‘Scruffy Paws Nutrition’. They are a small up and coming company who created their own nutritional supplements. After being frustrated by not finding supplements that both benefitted their cats’ ailments and that their cat would be willing to eat, they decided to give it a try for themselves.

    Their personality really shines on their website, and in speaking with them through email. They are real people. And that was something that really interested me. Their page that talks about their story is honest, genuine, and made me smile.

    If you’re a company that makes me smile when I’m on your website, you have already done something right in my book.

    The reason I smiled when looking at their site was you could tell they really care about what they did. They are a small company, they are not afraid to admit it. Even joke about it. But there are not thousands of them pushing products trying to make money. Sometimes small is better because it means more customer service, more personalized relationships, and really feeling values.

    As a small company myself, I personally think they are the best, but I may be a little biased in that area.

    Products They Offer

    As I mentioned before, Scruffy Paws is a company that is based on nutritional supplements for your pets. They focus a lot of kidney issues. They have chews and drops directly related to that along with an E-Book that explains kidney disease.

    Kidney disease is a real issue in cats and tends to be more prone in certain breeds. So if you notice your cat showing signs of kidney disease, a kidney infection, or any kidney issue, it’s imperative that it is checked out by a licensed veterinarian.

    Scruffy Paws Nutrition understands that issue, which is why they focus so much that! If you have any questions about kidney issues in cats, Scruffy Paws is a great place to go. (After me and a vet of course. Although I will admit, they may know more about kidney disease than I do right now…so a tie with me and them).

    What I also liked what they also offer a chew that is simply a multi-vitamin to protect their overall health. If you didn’t read my introduction, first shame on you. Second, then I will inform you that this is a product I will be sharing my thoughts on.

    My cats have not had any issues currently with their kidneys, so I wanted something that I could test out the benefits for right now, which was why the multi-vitamin intrigued me.

    Their Packaging

    Let’s start by talking about their packaging.

    I received the product in a gray pouch-like packaging. On the front, they had their logo with the design of their multi-vitamin. Overall, pretty much exactly like what you would see on their website. Which I love! So often, you go to websites and order something, and it ‘resembles’ the product…but definitely not what you were expecting.

    Not the case for this. What you see if what you get. And I thought it was just adorable! I will have to say my initial reaction of the product was solely based on their packaging and I could not wait to rip it open for the cats to try it.

    Which leads up into the next section. The Cats Reactions

    My Cats Reaction

    Before I begin my cat’s reaction, I need to backpedal slightly and give you some backstory on my cats.

    Phoebe and Wobbles are probably two of the pickiest cats I have ever known. Getting them to try anything is like pulling teeth. They will only eat two kinds of dry food (because I made them switch to diet food) and two kinds of very specific flavored wet food. They rarely will eat treats and that is completely dependent on their moods.

    So when I got this to try and keep my furbabies healthy, I’m not going to lie. I was worried.

    And in true spoiled and picky nature, they did not like them at first. However, I did put it in their wet and dry food and the next morning it was gone. Well, again, gone from their food. But the treats on the floor were left untouched.

    Can you believe these cats?

    But, the biggest positive that I can say about these chews is that my cats ate them at all. For me, that was a huge win. If they really hated them, they would have smelled it in their regular food and avoided it.

    I think they were not in the ‘mood’ to try something new when I introduced the chew, which led them to have little interest. But they still eat them…just hidden.

    So my cats’ reactions to this are, ‘You put what in my food?!’ Because truthfully, they don’t even realize they are eating it. Which I am completely happy with because they are getting their vitamins, and not being beyond picky about them.

    So Scruffy Paws, you did something right there!

    My Reaction Based On My Cat’s Reaction

    Now, the important part. The part you have all been waiting for, my reaction.

    Well, as I said, the thought that MY cats were going to immediately jump for joy over these chews was not even a possibility. You could give them the best-tasting food in the world, and they’ll be like ‘eh, maybe’.

    So the fact that I was able to put it in their food and have them still eat it was a shock for me. As I mentioned before, I consider it a win solely because they ate them at all.

    They have been secretively eating their vitamins now for a few days. I would love to tell you that they are night and day different, but the truth is, they aren’t. They were very healthy cats, to begin with. They ran, they played, they slept. And not much has changed.

    I would equate it as your doctor telling an average healthy person to take a multi-vitamin. You will not notice a huge difference in your everyday life, but your insides will thank you. That’s what I like to believe is happening for my cats right now.

    And also, I think it really takes some time of taking vitamins repeatedly to really notice a big difference. I am going to finish my packet of the vitamins and see in my kitties have more energy. (Actually, is it bad that I hope that doesn’t increase their energy. That’s too much for me to handle. I don’t need a marathon-running type cat).

    I would definitely recommend this product to friends. I think everyone should take a multi-vitamin, pets included. I would bet that most other cat owners would not have any issues with feeding their cats this straight from their hand or the ground. But if you do have an extremely picky cat like mine, just put it in their food.

    They will be healthy in the long run, and won’t even have a clue you’re helping them. It’s like the best of both worlds.

    If I could change one thing about Scruffy Paws Multi-Vitamin pack, it would only be that my cats would eat them plain. The biggest problem with that is, I honestly have no idea what it would take for them to eat them straight from the container.

    They won’t even eat treats that way all the time. (Guys, that’s the equivalent to people not wanting a donut in my eyes). But if there was some magic formula, maybe something that included catnip or something cats are naturally drawn to, that would make me cry and have them give me all the chews.

    This is again not to say that I think any other cat owners will have a hard time with these chews. It was more of a selfish wish for my cats because I know how important getting all your vitamins is for our health, so I want the same for my babies.


    All in all, I think this product is great! The idea of a Daily multihealth bites- is really what drew me in and the charm of the company themselves. The fact that my cats will eat it, without their own knowledge, is still just as impressive to me.

    If you have a cat with health issues, especially kidney disease, Scruffy Paws Nutrition is a company you will want to use for a lot of your research. They really seem to care about the cats, which is really what we all want. We want real people in real companies helping real people with real problems. Really.

    And if you use discount code PURR10, you can receive 10% off your first order!



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