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Should You Get A Cat Mom Hoodie?!

    Winter is coming. And with winter comes all of the winter clothes coming out from hiding.

    Anyone who is like me, you probably need to refresh some of your wardrobe.  Which leads me to talk about my favorite addition, and probably one of my favorite purchases this year!

    What is it?

    That is the Cat Mom Hoodie! I’m not kidding this is one of my favorite purchases that I have made all this year. I bought it with my own money, and felt the need to share it with you.

    As someone who is always cold, finding a cute hoodie is not always easy. On top of that, finding a cat related hoodie that I could wear out in public without embarrassing my friends and family.

    I mean finding a cute cat hoodie is not hard to find. You can also get ones with cat ears, or some crazy cat costumes.

    But this hoodie, people will know you love your cat. But my fiancé isn’t embarrassed when I wear this awesome hoodie out in public.

    Where Can I Get One?

    I am sure there are a lot of different places you can purchase this hoodie. I personally got this off of Amazon.

    It was able to be shipped quickly and the price wasn’t so bad at all!

    Which leads me into the next questions people were asking!

    > Get This Hoodie On Amazon Now!

    How much is it?

    Like I mentioned earlier, the price on this really isn’t bad.

    I do have to say that I know the Amazon price changes from day to day. So I’m not going to say the exact price of it. However, when I bought this, it was under $25.

    If you see it priced online at another shop and it’s over $30 dollars. Shop around.

    You don’t need to be spending that much money on it!

    My thoughts on this hoodie

    How much can you really talk about this sweatshirt?

    Listen I do get it. At the end of the day it is a sweatshirt. But it is still extremely comfortable and flattering. I feel like a lot of sweatshirts make people look bigger than they are.

    This however, does not do it. At least for me and the people I know who’ve bought them too, they’ve been really flattering.

    The Cat Mom Hoodie covers me where I want to be covered but doesn’t make me feel like a balloon.

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    Final Verdict: Would I recommend this to a friend

    As a shocker, of course I would recommend this hoodie to friends. I have already gotten a handful of friends to get this hoodie as well!

    (They even come in Dog Mom versions for the dog lover in all of us).

    If you are on the fence about getting this hoodie, I would highly recommend it. It is a low cost, highly comfortable piece of clothing that is probably one of my favorite purchases to date.

    Cat Mom Hoodies for the win!

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