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20 Dog Quotes That Will Melt Your Heart

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Love dogs? Read my favorite quotes about dogs and remember why you love dogs so much. Dog lovers, dog owners, dog people alike will love this post!

all about pembroke welsh corgis

The Complete Guide To Owning A Welsh Corgi

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To conclude my first section of breeds with a personal favorite. I don’t like playing favorites when it comes to animals because all breeds need a home. But when I look at Corgis, my heart just melts. For me their bodies and their fluffy booties just make me smile, so I am a little biased in this review of them.

Everything You Need To Know about Yorkshire Terriers

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I have taken all the boring material and pieced together information that is both information but will not put you to sleep while reading this. (Well at least I hope not). So I am going to break this down into six sections: History behind Yorkies, Appearance and Grooming, Typical Health, Personality Traits, and Fun Facts about the Yorkshire Terrier.