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newborn kittens

bottle feeding kitten

How To Bottle Feed a Kitten

    If you have been reading my blog for a while, then you know I have been doing a newborn kitten series. As an extension of that newborn kitten series, I figured it would do an entire post on bottle feeding a kitten.

    Kitten Development: Four Week Old

    How To Care For A 4 Week Old Kitten

      If you have been around my blog then you know that I have recently rescued and fostered an orphaned kitten. We estimate that we got her around three weeks and had a big awakening throughout the process. I wanted to walk you through the information that I gathered for each of the different weeks of a new kittens life

      how to care for a three week old kitten

      The Simple Guide To Caring About Three Week Old Kittens

        First, let’s talk about how to tell if a kitten is three weeks old. A three-week-old kitten will have their eyes open. Their eye sight will be getting better each day and their hearing  They respond better to sounds and can start to understand their name. Their ears are turning outwards more than at two weeks.