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6 Reasons Why You Should Not Get a Dog

    Thinking that a dog is a great addition to your family? Make sure you read these 6 reasons why you should not adopt a dog beforehand! Some of them may surprise you!

    The Simple Guide To Yorkshire Terriers

      I have taken all the boring material and pieced together information that is both information but will not put you to sleep while reading this. (Well at least I hope not). So I am going to break this down into six sections: History behind Yorkies, Appearance and Grooming, Typical Health, Personality Traits, and Fun Facts about the Yorkshire Terrier.

      Should I add a puppy to my family

      Should I Add A Puppy To My Family?

        Dogs are amazing creatures, who wouldn’t want a puppy as a new pet?! Puppies are some of the cutest creatures on Earth! And while they look adorable, puppies are not always as easy as they seem. Puppies are a lot of work and require a lot of responsibility. The purchase of a puppy is not something that should not be done impulsively. It requires a lot of research, though, and effort before actually purchasing the puppy.