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Temptations Cat Treats Review

    Temptations Cat Treats Review



    Cat treats are used by all cat owners (or at least they should be) to give their cats a bit of a something different aside from their regular food. It is basically the equivalent of a cookie for your cats. There are so many different treats out there and most of them I assume taste better than their regular food. So how do you pick the best for your cats? What kind of “cookie” do you want to give your cat when they’ve been good?

    This review will involve Temptations cat treats.

    It is one of the more popular cat treats out there and should over the bases you want for your cat treats. Other treat reviews will be done but this is the first as Temptations is the cat treat we use the most with our cats.

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    can I give my cat apples


    Temptations cat treats boast to be 100% nutritionally complete and balanced for an adult cat’s diet. Not much else is know about the ingredients used but as these are treats, they should not be used as meal replacements despite being nutritionally balanced.

    These are processed pieces just like dry food and should be given sparingly. As with humans, given too many cookies they will gain weight eventually so treats should be given in moderation and not a replacement for their regular food.


    Our cats absolutely love the taste of Temptations. The flavors and varieties of treats make it easy to give your cat different treats all the time. Our cats love the taste of theses treats so much, we don’t even have to be picky about which flavor treats we get because they eat them all.

    These treats are great for getting your cats to do certain things like come to you. Or to occupy them for thirty seconds so you can get something quick done. We use them all the time to distract our cats while we have to get into the basement without them bothering us or if we have to grab a package on the front porch so they don’t get out. It has gotten to the point where we need to hide the container on a top shelf somewhere because the cats try to find it to get the treats inside.

    We once had the container in a lower cupboard and the cats opened the cupboard, got ahold of the container and bit through the container to get to the treats. If that doesn’t tell you how much the cats love Temptations I have no idea what else will.

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    Temptations are a great cat treat and cats seem to really love them. The price of Temptations is slightly higher than some of the other cat treats on Amazon but not enough to make a huge difference in your budget.

    Despite being slightly above average in cost, the Temptations treats taste great to cats, have a variety of flavors, and have nutrition that your cat needs.

    Final Verdict:

    The bottom line on Temptations cat treats is that they are great. Cats love them because of how they taste and there are many different flavors and types to choose from. Despite being slightly more expensive than other brands, they are high quality. Temptations has a great reputation of producing good cat treats.

    If you have not yet tried Temptations, they are definitely worth a try. Buy them now on Amazon here (link).

    Cat’s Verdict: 

    This is really the only verdict that matters. Whether we like the price or if they are a tough to order. (Not in this case as you can easily buy them on Amazon.) We usually get what our cats enjoy. Our cats definitely enjoy Temptations.

    They cannot get enough of them.

    And we have to be careful how many we give them because they will continue to eat them if they are left out. As mentioned above, our cats will go searching for treats. And eat all of them if they can get ahold of them.

    I can almost guarantee that your cats will also love Temptations.  And if you love these, make sure you check out 6 Cat Products You Should Be Getting From Amazon.

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