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The Best Dry Cat Food to Buy on Amazon in 2023

    The Best Dry Cat Food to Buy on Amazon

    What is something that cats need?

    And no, it is not a cardboard box.

    Cats need food to survive and if you are anything like me, your cats only like certain food.

    I remember having the hardest time finding the food at the stores, or stocking up when they did have them.

    I went to Amazon. I now get my dry cat food shipped to me on a monthly basis.

    So now, I want to share my favorite dry cat food you can buy on Amazon.

    Different Types of Cat Food

    Before I just go through and name off the types of cat food you can buy, I want to mention that there are three different types of cat food that you should consider.

    There is kitten food, diet cat food, and then the regular cat food.

    Now there are multiple types of regular cat food, but for my groupings I was just going to lump them together.


    Best Dry Kitten Food

    Kitten food, should only be given to kittens.

    It contains higher fat and calories than typical dry cat food.

    Purina Dry Kitten Food

    The Purina Dry Kitten Food   is actually my go to with kittens.

    For some reason I have really never had any problems with Purina in general and the kittens always seem to enjoy it.

    The price is always reasonable.

    Iams Proactive Kitten Food

    Iams Proactive Kitten Food – This is my favorite back up kitten food.

    There have been a few times that the kittens don’t like the Purina, or I just want to mix things up and Iams is always my go to.

    It is a great alternative to Purina

    Blue Buffalo Kitten Food

    Blue Buffalo Kitten Food –  This kitten food is a great healthy kitten food.

    Blue Buffalo does tend to be a little more expensive but it made with all natural food.

    A kitten with a sensitive stomach usually tend to do best with Blue Buffalo.

    Best Regular Cat Food

    Let’s move onto the easy stuff.

    If you have a normal, healthy cat who is no longer a kitten, then the type of cat food you buy will most likely depend on their taste, their health and…well that’s probably going to be it.

    Since I am ranging from kittens to diet food cats, I am no longer buying regular cat food (unless they are at grandmas, then they get the fun stuff). 

    So, these are items that I do not use anymore, but I used to.

    The reason for me stopping is not for a lack of liking the products, just that my animals required different foods.

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    dry cat food to get on amazon


    purina friskies dry cat food

    Purina Friskies Dry Cat Food – Oh Purina, sponsor me already!

    (Kidding, well mostly).

    We all know my love for Purina.

    So it should be no surprise that my dry cat food choice before we switched Phoebe and Wobbles to diet food was Purina.

    We would switch from the Friskies to the Hairball control to give them variety, and to help with hairballs.

    Meow Mix

    Meow Mix  – Meow Mix won me over initially based on their commercials.

    I apologize in advance but meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow (to the tune of the meow mix commercial).

    That will now be in my head all day, and possibly yours.

    But the commercial was not all glitz and glam.

    Phoebe and Wobbles ate like normal when the store was out of Purina.

    So while I have been slightly biased to Purina, I guess I can be persuaded elsewhere. These are definitely a top runner when it comes to dry cat food.

    Rachael Rays

    Rachael Rays – Again, this cat food intrigued me because I loved watched Rachael Ray!

    She was always such an excellent cook I was curious if her food would live up to the hype of her.

    Turns out, it did!

    Now, Phoebe didn’t eat an entire bowl-full of food like she sometimes would with the two above, she did not turn her nose to it.

    Phoebe, picky eater, would eat this which means yours probably will LOVE it!

    Best “Diet” Cat Food

    Purina Pro Plan

    Purina Pro Plan – This is actually the cat food that my cats eat.

    Phoebe is apparently a little overweight and is supposed to be on a diet.

    This food she eats without any issues. Actually, she still comes running when it’s time to eat.

    So this food has to be pretty tasty for her.

    Hills science diet cat food

    Hills Science Diet Cat Food

    This is my back up diet food when I feel like Phoebe is just getting sick of Purina.

    She doesn’t go running to it as much as she does with Purina Pro Plan.

    But I do think she is extremely picky so I wouldn’t count this out.

    blue buffalo diet cat food

    Blue Buffalo Diet Cat Food

    Again this is the healthy form of diet food.

    Like the kitten food, this does tend to be on the more expensive side.

    This is always recommended for cats who need to lose weight but have a sensitive stomach.


    There are so many different kinds of dry cat food that you really can’t go wrong.

    Whether you have a kitten, or a cat that needs to go on a diet, or just needing to mix up the usual cat food.

    You can’t go wrong buying any of these options on Amazon.

    Have any other options that you love that I didn’t mention?

    Let me know in the comments below!

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