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The Best Gifts To Give Your Cat in 2023

    For many people, cats are like children. A lot of people call them their ‘fur-babies’. And what better way to show your cat how much you love them than with awesome gifts.

    (Okay, there are probably a lot of much better ways to spoil your cat, but gifts are fun for you and for your cat). You can also give your kitten a free cardboard box to play in if all else fails.

    Why you need to Give Your Cat a Gift

    If you are anything like me, then sometimes it fun to give your cat little presents. Not only does it make them happy to have the new awesome gift, but it also makes you happy to know that you’ve given an awesome present to your cat.

    I know there are few things that make me happier than when I gave my cat their new cat tree. Watching them jump, climb, and dash around the tree felt so much better than any gift I could give myself. They are stuck inside all day, every day.

    The least you can do is give them some fun gifts every once in a while. You can also give your cat gifts without breaking the bank!

    1. An Awesome Cat Bed

    If there is one think that cats are known to do is to sleep a lot!

    Why not spoil your cat with an awesome cat bed for them to cuddle up in.

    This is favorite cat bed, mainly because it is one of the only cat beds my spoiled kitties use on a regular basis.

    And let’s be honest, this bed is cute. This goes with the furniture in my house so it doesn’t look like my house is completely over-ran by cats.

    I mean, even though we all know it is. But outsiders don’t need to know that.

    2. Cat Scratcher for Your Cat, and your couch

    If there is one other thing your cat is almost guaranteed to do is scratch.

    If you have read my article about the basic necessities of a cats, you know that a cat scratcher is one of them.

    But just because you have one cat scratcher doesn’t mean another won’t peak the interest of your cat.

    The way I see it, the more cat scratchers the better, and the higher chance your cat will choose that over your couch.

    One hack that I love to use when it comes to cat scratchers is to DIY it.

    If you have an old cat scratcher, or have a piece of furniture your cat has destroyed, make it a scratcher!

    All you need is a hot glue gun, sisal rope, and the furniture you want to DIY.

    I turned an old ottoman into an adorable cat scratcher. It made the piece of furniture look cute and functional! (And I didn’t have to buy a new ottoman.)

    >>> You can get Sisal Rope along with everything else you need here!

    3. An Awesome cat toy

    Cats love to play.

    In fact, one of my cats’ favorite toys are earplugs.

    I don’t know why. They have a weird obsession that I don’t try to understand.

    However, their weird earplug obsession is no match to my cat toys.

    I have two favorites that I love to get them.

    First is a cat dancer. I wish I knew a better way to describe it. The picture of the cat dancer does much better justice for the toy. The reason I love it, is my cats love it.

    Not only will the play with it for hours on end, but because it moves, it is an almost interactive toy for your cat. Of course, with the added bonus of allowing you to join in on the fun when you want to as well. (Plus, the cost is one of the cheapest toys I’ve found to date, besides the earplugs).

    My second favorite cat toy is a catnip banana.

    I know it sounds silly. But I have given these bananas to my cat, my parent’s cat, and my friend’s cat. All have been obsessed. It’s cute, it keeps them happy. And it is adorable to watch your cat walk around with a toy banana in their mouths.

    4. Unique places for cats to lounge

    If you have a boss cat, then you know they need boss places to sleep.

    Sometimes a cat bed is just not luxurious enough. You need a Cat Cave.

    But all joking aside, cat caves are actually great editions to your home.

    Some cats like to sleep up high, and some like burrow. If you have a cat who likes to hide and burrow, then a cat cave would be a purrrfect edition to your home.

    A Cat Cave allow your cat to feel safe and protected, while still looking out at the world around them.

    It’s like a little kid when they close their eyes. They can’t see you therefore you can’t see them. A little? Maybe? You get it guys!

    5. cat treats

    Need to give your cats something fun and functional?!

    You cannot go wrong with cat treats.

    Cats + Food = Happiness. Cats + Treats = Heaven.

    It’s simple math really.

    6. a much needed cat tree

    Like I said in the beginning, my favorite gift I ever gave my cats was a cat tree.

    The pure happiness of them jumping, hiding, playing and so much more made me so happy.

    Cat Trees provide cats a play to sleep, hide, play, as well as give your cats a different perspective of the world.

    Think about us.

    What if you could never see the world from any angle except lying down?

    Or remember when you were a kid and your dad would pick you up and put you on their shoulders. That is a cat tree for cats.

    And yes, they aren’t the cheapest thing in the world. But they are an investment in your cat.

    (Plus, they last! You buy a new cat tree ever… ten years maybe? Five if you are like me and want to get them new ones every year but your husband forces you not to.)

    Here’s the cat tree I currently have for my cats that created the joy and excitement I’m sure you’re annoyed to hear about again.

    7. Cat wheel

    Any Bengal Cat owners in the house?!

    For those who have Bengal Cats, or other hyper cat breeds, you know they need to run.

    Why not protect your house by giving them a wheel to run on.

    Not only does this help keep them healthy and relieve excess energy, but it protects your house and items in your house from getting knocked over when they have the zoomies.

      I will say, cat wheels are expensive. So unless you have a very high energy cat, I would skip this one. Just being honest with you!

    8. Cat Leash and Cat Collar

    I will be honest. This cat gift will be very hit or miss.

    Some cats are very interested in the outside, like my cats.

    And for me, I want to take the excitement away. So I got them a leash and collar.

    (I need to preface this with not all cats will like wearing a collar! And you need to give a collar like the one shown so your cat doesn’t slip out of it).

    Anyways, I loved getting a leash and collar for my cats. Granted, it wasn’t a gift they were initially excited about. But it allowed them to venture outside safely and under my supervision. Which was a win-win for both cat and human!

    9. cat blanket

    Anyone have biscuit blankies?

    What are these? These are the blankets cats love to knead on, or make biscuits on!

    They are soft, warm and your cats love them! If your cat is not one to sleep on a bed, treat yourself to a blanket both you and your cat will love!

    10. A fun cat bowl

    If you are going to have cat bowls in your house, why not have them look cool too!

    With these awesome cat bowls, they add style to your home, and actually help your cat with digestion!

    These are bowls my cats use.

    I will be honest, I initially got them based on the way they looked.

    And then learned the awesome benefits! I’m human too guys! You can actually get these adorable bowls at our shop too! 

    (And check below for an awesome discount code that you will want to use later).

    11. cat hammock

    A cat hammock is a great gifts for cats who like the feeling of being swaddled.

    These are small, easy to assemble and so many cats love them.

    They are like a cat bed, a cat scratcher and a cat lounger all in one! If you are looking to save money on cat supplies, you definitely need to try a cat hammock.

    12. water fountain

    Besides a cat tree, getting a water fountain for my cat has easily been one of my favorite purchases.

    Cats are known to love to drink out of faucets. That is because their instincts are to go towards fresh running water.

    So let your cat have “fresh running water” whenever they want with a cat water fountain.

    These are also so easy to use. All you have to do is plug it in, fill it up with water and you are ready to go.

    Of course, you have to refill the water from time to time as your cat drinks from it. But that’s how it is with any water bowl, right?!

    13. hoodie with cat pouch

    Okay, let’s be honest. This is really more of a gift for us humans than for cats.

    But why not spoil our cats at the same time we are treating ourselves.

    Now, not all cats will love these.

    But if you have a mellow cat that loves to be held, you can hold them in style with these super cute, super comfortable cat hoodies!


    14. a fancy litter box

    If you are feeling really fancy, or hate scooping cat litter. You can get your cat an automated cat litter box!

    I will be honest and say that I do not have an automated cat litter box.

    With four cats, it’s just easier to know to scoop them all.

    I do have my eye on a few automated cat litter boxes though. And you all can reap the benefits of my research! If you are really wanting to spoil your cat, an automated cat litter box will prevent them from walking on their own feces, and save you from having to scoop the box….ever!

    Fun Gifts To Give Your Cat For Easter

    Want to find something unique to give your cat for Easter.

    If you want an Easter themed gift for your cat, you can add some fun toys to their basket like a catnip bunny.

    Or, you want to them to be more in the Easter spirit, you can splurge and get your cat an Easter Bunny outfit. It’s a little more mild torture for you cat, but an adorable gift for yourself.

    Fun Gifts To Give Your Cat For Halloween

    Halloween Time?

    Dress up your cat in some awesome Halloween attire.

    You can also find my favorite Halloween costumes for your cat in my post!

    Fun Gifts to Give Your Cat For Thanksgiving

    It’s Thanksgiving, and what better holiday to celebrate than with an adorable cat turkey leg toy!

    If you are wanting to save money during this holiday, you can also splurge and give your cats a little bit of turkey.

    They love it, you already have it. Best gift ever!

    Fun Gifts To Give Your Cat for Christmas

    Merry Christmas!

    If you are looking for a Christmas themed gift for your cat, look no further than adorable cat stocking.

    It is filled with fun toys for your cat!

    (Personally, I like to use Christmas and their birthdays as times to splurge on the more expensive gifts I mentioned above).

    Fun Gifts to Give Your Cat For Their Birthday

    As I mentioned in the Christmas “themed cat gift”, I love to use my cats birthdays as time to spend a little extra on them.

    One year, I got Phoebe a heated cat mat.

    Another year, we got the cat hammock I mentioned above, who knows what will happen this year!

    (Probably a Cat Tent or something I feel like she needs that others disagree).

    Go crazy! No one knows you’re cat better than you. Not even me!


    Giving your cat gifts doesn’t have to break the bank or feel like you are throwing money away! These gifts mentioned above are surefire ways to make sure your cat has TWO presents when they arrive. (And by two presents I mean the actual gift, along with the box it came it). They are still cats remember. Very little will be better than cardboard boxes!

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