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The Litter-Robot Open Air Review

    Litter-Robot Open Air Review


    Nobody likes scooping their cats litter no matter how much it needs to be scooped. Now, with the Litter-Robot Open Air you don’t have to scoop your cat’s litter. This review will cover the features and functionality of the Litter-Robot Open Air and give you a better idea of what to expect if you are looking into buying one.

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    The main features of the Litter-Robot Open Air are to scoop and store your cat’s waste with minimal effort on your part. It does this job extremely well and it really does require very little effort on your part to keep the Litter-Robot running properly.

    All you have to do is keep the bowl filled with the correct amount of litter and empty the storage bin when needed. After some time which depends on how many cats use the Litter-Robot, you will need to clean the inside to keep it from building up waste on the inside but again this is every once in a while instead of a daily grind to clean your conventional litter boxes.

    There are several other features that make the Litter-Robot stand out from other automatic litter boxes. There are sensors that detect when cats use the Litter-Robot and once the cat leaves it starts the timer on when it will begin the cycle.

    If you get the Litter-Robot Open Air with Connect, you can connect the Litter-Robot to your Wi-Fi and get the Litter-Robot app to get updates on when the storage bin is full or if there is a problem with the cycling process.

    We have had this issue a few times because our cats are so intrigued by the movement of the globe that they sometimes get on top of or into the globe while it is moving and interrupt the cycle. This causes it to stop and requires a reset to complete the cycle. This is by far the worst thing to happen since we got the Litter-Robot, there are very few downsides to the features discussed and they definitely deliver as promised.



    The Litter-Robot Open Air makes scooping you cat’s litter simple and easy because it doesn’t involve you scooping anything. Adding litter, emptying the storage bin and occasionally cleaning out the inside to avoid buildup is all you have to do.

    No more daily litter box cleanings or having to cover up after your cat who has trouble doing it themselves. The Litter-Robot Open Air performs exactly as specified and makes your life a whole lot easier. Now one thing to point out is the storage bin clean-out.

    Because the Litter-Robot automatically cycles every time a cat uses it, the waste is very concentrated with no litter to cut the smell. This will only last for a minute or so while you empty the bin but the smell can be quite strong so watch out for that. I will say that since we switch to Arm & Hammer Platinum Clump & Seal Litter, the smell, even in the storage bin, has decreased significantly. 

    Also with cleaning out the storage bin, the time between emptying will vary for each cat owner depending on your cat and how many cats you have. We have four cats using the Litter-Robot and one other conventional litter box and we have to empty the storage bin about twice a week. We are already considering buying a second Litter-Robot so we can completely make the switch to automatic litter boxes but we haven’t quite taken that plunge yet as one of our cats uses the Litter-Robot sparingly and we want to keep that conventional litter box for her comfort right now.

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    How Many Litter Robots Should You Get?

    Two Litter-Robots would be more than sufficient to handle the demand from four cats. If you do end up purchasing a Litter-Robot, make sure to get extra bags for the storage bin when you make the initial purchase, It will save you a lot of hassle using the bags made for the storage bin rather than using regular garbage bags.

    The Litter-Robot is ideal for multiple cats because it keeps the remaining litter clean and makes it last much longer which allows for a clean litter box almost every time your cats use the Litter-Robot.

    It will also decrease the amount of litter you have to buy because it continuously keeps it clean and only scoops what has clumped to the waste which is much more efficient then manually scooping. You always lose excess litter when manually cleaning even when you do your best to sift it out. 

    Going back to one of our cats not using the Litter-Rojbot as much as the others. She is on the larger side and has some difficulty getting in and out of the Litter-Robot.

    There are stairs that can be purchased as an add-on to the Litter-Robot to make access to the globe easier for your cats. 


    There is only one downside in my mind to the Litter-Robot Open Air and that is the price. It is on the expensive side because of the technology used in its production and function.

    The price does makes sense for the amount of use that you get out of the Litter-Robot, especially if you get the Connect model but that will not be apparent until you actually purchase one. Price will most likely be the determining factor for most people and it was no different for us. We held off a while before we pulled the trigger and it was because of the price.

    You just have to decide if your time is worth the money for this product. For a cat owner with a single cat it may not be the most practical thing to buy but if you want to completely stop scooping litter and switch to just emptying the storage bin maybe once every week or two then the Litter-Robot is for you. As I stated above, it seems to work best in multiple cat environments as you will get more use out of it immediately. 

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    Final Verdict:

    The Litter-Robot Open Air is one of the best purchases we have made for the cats and the thing about it is it isn’t even for the cats. Yes, the cats are the ones to use it but you are the one that benefits the most. The Litter-Robot Open Air keeps itself clean and minimizes the smell to the surrounding areas by promptly scooping your cats waste.

    This is benefit to you because of the smell and not having to scoop it and a benefit to your cats by keeping the litter box clean for their use. The price is high for this product but to me it is well worth it based on the use we are getting from it now.

    I didn’t think you could put a price on scooping litter daily but apparently the folks at Litter-Robot tried and it is definitely worth the money. It is very freeing only having to scoop one conventional litter box now as the Litter-Robot Open Air has replaced three of our other conventional litter boxes.

    We do have to empty it out more than we expected but that is a small downside compared to the other benefits it provides.

    Cats Verdict:

    The verdict of our cats is not as important in this review as some of the others as the Litter-Robot Open Air is more of a purchase for you than your cats. As long as the cats use the Litter-Robot, that is all that matters. A bonus for our cats though is they love to watch the Litter-Robot cycle and are fascinated to see it going around and removing their waste.

    They love the Litter Robot so much that we have to actively stop them from jumping into it and interrupting the cycle.  Overall, the cats enjoy this purchase just as much as we do.

    Different reasons, same happiness.

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