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The Western Home Calming Pet Bed Review

    The Western Home Calming Pet Bed Review


    Anyone that has cats know that they sleep a lot. They find all kinds of places to hid or curl up and sleep. Why not give them a nice soft and cozy place to settle down at. The review covers just the thing you need to give your cats that special place to sleep.

    The Western Home Calming Pet Bed is made for your cat or dog to easily curl up in and fall asleep.


    This bed is made from plush, synthetic fur and is very soft and fluffy with increased padding from past models. The elevated rim is perfect for cats to cuddle up against and helps them feel secure by the enclosed area. This bed comes in three different sizes and can be used for cats or dogs.

    For some reason, our cats prefer the larger bed and it is and most likely will always be a mystery. This bed is light and easy to move from room to room as you see fit. We had it in our office for a while where my wife works so the cats could sleep in it and stay close to her.

    We then moved it to the living room right next to the fireplace and it gets nice and warm very quickly. All four of our cats really enjoy the feel of this bed and have even fought over it a few times. This is a calming cat bed which seems a bit weird to call it that as it does what all pet beds would hopefully do which is relax your pet and help them fall asleep.

    As far as I know, there is nothing other than the softness and coziness of this bed that help pets relax in it. 

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    This category needs to be discussed as many cats like to dig and burrow in their beds. Our cats will knead the heck out of the bed and make biscuits on it because of the soft feel but they have not scratched or bit the bed.

    If your cat or dog likes to bite or scratch their beds, maybe lay a toy in there for them to play with instead of the bed itself. For cats I would recommend the Catnip Banana. Ours has stood up very well despite being used by four cats on a daily basis.


    The cost of this bed is average or slightly above average based on other cat beds. The additional plush material used and the design of the bed make it worth the marginally extra cost compared to the other beds.

    Obviously the larger the bed the higher the cost so if you do intend to get the largest bed it will cost more than what Amazon first shows it as.

    The amount of use you will get out of it is also a factor when determining price. If it will only be used sparingly (once or twice a week) the lower cost is more appealing. If it is used daily like ours is, the cost becomes more bearable.

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    caring for 6 week old cats

    Our Verdict:

    This was a great pick for us as we love seeing the cats all cuddled up and comfy. The price was very reasonable especially now we know they enjoy the bed so much.

    This bed will be the cat bed we continue to buy as we all know they can’t last forever.

    Cat’s Verdict:

    This entire review has told you all you need to know about the cat’s verdict. They love this bed and as mentioned above they have fought and wrestled over this bed. They love the soft feel of it and they comfort they get out of it when they lay in it.

    One of our cats sleeps the whole night in it unless she is trying to wake us up when she is hungry. Bottom line, our cats could not do without this bed in their lives. If you like this cat bed, find out some of my other favorite cat products from Amazon!


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