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Things You Do That Your Cat Loves

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    Things you do that your cat loves

    Like any living creature, cats also have their own preferences, expressed in rather obvious forms. Of course, cats, most of all, adore what brings positive emotions – good food and care, tenderness, and affection. But there is something else that cats love, and it would not hurt everyone to know – both those who already have this pet at home and those who are just going to get one.


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    Warm and cozy places 

    The first step is to say that cats love warm places very much. This means that any corner where a sunbeam or artificial heat is placed directly attracts the animal to itself. Hence the seemingly wild preference of a pet for a computer or laptop keyboard – it is warm! The situation is the same with cozy sofas, armchairs, and beds, window sills, and radiators, so you should not drive away such a cozy animal from them every time.

    So, all cats love warmth very much, so they often warm themselves by the fireplace, near the stove, and even under a blanket. But the pets are pleased when the sun comes out. Tired of happiness, the cat is ready to “sunbathe” under the rays all day long, and he never gets tired of it!

    Having meals together

    Cats also love eating together, especially, they love to eat when their owners. By the way, they will not refuse to try food from the master’s table unless it will be something completely inedible.

    Not a single cat will refuse delicious food, especially if he does not sleep or play. Eating is a whole ritual that brings pleasure to the animal, so you should definitely diversify your pet’s diet with new dishes. It may turn out that he has a special love for some products, and this is not only fish but even fruits and vegetables!


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    Active plays

    But most of all, cats, regardless of what breed they are, sometimes love to catch a mouse or a bird, play with a small ball or a paper ball. That is why several sessions with the owner or other cats are necessary for the pet every day. Even if your cat is rather a graceful and beautiful animal – you need to maintain its shape, even if it is a domestic and lazy one.

    Games are an important component for a pet because, in the process, the cat consumes energy and strengthens its physical shape. By itself or with other cats, with a ball or toys, catching up with its own tail, or a dog living side by side with it – the cat will not miss the opportunity to take his soul away and have fun. And, of course, the pet will be delighted if you have time to play with it too. 

    Cats are definitely among active animals, and they need walks in the fresh air, but if you live in an apartment and do not have the opportunity to let the animal out on the street, this can be an issue. If you have at least an hour of free time, take your cat to the street to see the world. This research shows, for such walks, you will need to use a special harness that will both prevent your cat from getting lost in the outdoors as well as providing protection. 

    Being clean

    All cats love to have a shiny, clean, and combed coat. But you must understand that this animal is wayward, and therefore, to carry out various procedures with it (combing wool, etc.), you need to catch the right moment. This means that the cat should allow you to do all the manipulations and not be a victim of experiments.


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    Home flowers as a dessert

    What else do cats love besides the above? Well, probably, a rare cat will refuse to gnaw a home flower, as if specially placed on a windowsill. The pet will especially like the tender, young sprouts, which it will then certainly burp onto the carpet. Do not rush to scold your pet – it is quite possible that she lacks some kind of vitamin or trace element.

    Having a nap all day long

    Even the most active cats love to take a nap, and there is no need to talk about fluffy sloths. They like to have sweet dreams while the whole world is bustling around them. Some kitties sleep up to 16 hours a day! 

    When should I be concerned about a long nap? Animal Emergency Center states that there is not a set amount of sleep to indicate a health problem or health emergency, instead it is about knowing your cat’s normal sleep patterns and recognizing when that pattern changes significantly.  

    Also cats who begin to sleep more than usual could be ill or experiencing pain. On the other hand, if your cat begins sleeping less than usual they may be suffering from hyperthyroidism or other conditions.

    It is better not to touch the sleeping pet because it is advantageous for cats to doze at any age. The cat will be very, very unhappy if someone interrupts its sleep, even if the sleep lasts 3-4-5 hours. And it is good for them if the house has a quiet, friendly atmosphere as cats generally love peace. 

    All guests who come to the house should definitely know that cats love and what it does not love. And this means that they will certainly bring something tasty to the animal and will not bother again with tenderness until the cat allows them to do so.


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    It was arranged by nature that the cat is a predator. Even though people have tamed this charming creature to itself, its instincts have been preserved. That is why do not get angry if a pet looks predatory at a circling pigeon or lies in wait for a mouse in the grass. This is how this animal is arranged, and it will not work to eradicate the thirst for hunting in him.

    Scratching is the best thing

    All owners of claws do not mind sharpening them on sofas or the nearest wall. In many cases, cats mark their territory this way, so do not be surprised if you find a pet peeling off the wallpaper.

    An ideal option is getting a scratching post, which will help the cat do all for itself. This will save you property!

    Stroke, but not too often

    Like humans, cats have a mood when they want to bask in the arms of their owners. They care about the attention, and they often ask for it themselves.

    However, there are times when the pet is simply not in the mood and may even scratch, so it is better not to impose your affection on him. Besides, some breeds need more warmth and attention from the owner, and some prefer to keep their distance.

    The world through the window

    You may have noticed how the cat sits down by the window and looks carefully through the glass. So the animal learns the world and feels like a part of it. It is exciting for cats to observe flying birds, circling insects, and even a construction worker who works in the neighborhood. For this reason, experts suggest removing the curtains if they close the window so that the pet can entertain itself while observing the world.

    Climbing trees

    Cats love to climb trees because they like the view from above and that feeling of freedom. If there is no garden nearby, your curtain will do, and cabinets from which it is also convenient to view the area.

    We are sure that you do not like such things, which means that it is worth buying a feline play system with everything your cat ever needs.

    We are a family!

    Perhaps outwardly, cats seem to be independent and proud, but almost all of them love their owners very much and need to spend time together. Whether you are cooking or watching TV, your pet may feel the need for your attention. Seals show their love in different ways – they flatter, put their heads on your knees and even try to lick their cheeks, climbing onto their shoulders. They just love you, but isn’t that the most important thing?

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