Top Black Cat Names in 2021

Best Black Cat Names of 2021

Black cats are one of my favorite colorings in cats. And an amazing black coloring calls for an amazing name to go with your new furbaby.

When trying to think of names for your black cat, first start with the basics, ‘How To Perfectly Pick a Name For Your Cat’.

If you decide you want to name your cat something based on their fur color, that’s great! It is important to remember, when choosing a name for your black cat don’t just go on looks.Think about unique, creative, fun names that describe not only their looks, but also personality. 

Black cats actually have their own holiday! Black Cat Appreciation Day is August 17, so mark your calendar and celebrate with your new fur-baby

10 Cute Names for Black Cats

Let’s start off with some cute names that you can pick for your kitty. Just because they are black cats does not mean that they have to have a rough and tough name.

  1. Domino
  2. Checkers
  3. Chess
  4. Friday
  5. Rooster
  6. Spider
  7. Tux
  8. Licorice
  9. Stella
  10. Cosmo

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10 Funny Names for Black Cats

  1. Pea (as in black-eyed)
  2. Eightball
  3. Bean
  4. Dusty
  5. Diamond
  6. Pearl
  7. Soot
  8. Night Rider
  9. Olive
  10. Blackberry

17 Color-Inspired Names for Black Cats

And while cute names are adorable, sometimes that is not always the best fit. Some people really want to base their cats name solely off the coating.

  1. Shadow
  2. Dusk
  3. Twilight
  4. Black
  5. Blackie
  6. Black Ice
  7. Gray
  8. Ebony
  9. Pitch
  10. Inky
  11. Graphite
  12. Charcoal
  13. Onyx
  14. Obsidian
  15. Ash
  16. Cinder
  17. Jet

14 Black Cat Names from Movies & TV

Black cats are also extremely common in movies too! Sometimes using your favorite movie or TV show can be a great fit to your new kitten. We named a foster kitten Binx after Hocus Pocus. Or you can be like my parents and name their cats Penny, after Big Bang Theory (even though Penny is not a black cat).

  1. Scat Cat (Aristocats)
  2. Binx (Hocus Pocus)
  3. Batman (Batman)
  4. Hocus Pocus (Hocus Pocus)
  5. Newt
  6. Darth Vader (Star Wars)
  7. Isis (both Catwoman’s cat AND a shapeshifter who appeared in the original Star Trek TV show)
  8. Bagheera (The Jungle Book)
  9. Salem (Sabrina the Teenage Witch)
  10. Snowball II (The Simpsons)
  11. Lucifer (Cinderella)
  12. Luna (Sailor Moon)
  13. Jiji (Kiki’s Delivery Service)
  14. Winkie (Escape to Witch Mountain)

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16 Badass Names for Black Cats

  1. Crow
  2. Harley
  3. Bear
  4. Panther
  5. Widow
  6. Pluto
  7. Ninja
  8. Midnight
  9. Storm
  10. Thunder
  11. Merlot
  12. Zanzibar
  13. Lucifer
  14. Raven
  15. Vader
  16. Nightshade

21 Halloween-Inspired Names for Black Cats 

I tried to wait for as long as I could justify. But for a lot of people, a blackcat instantly brings to mind Halloween. Which usually brings in Halloween Names like Spooky or Monster. For someone who loves Halloween, this could be a great fit for you!

  1. Damion
  2. Moon
  3. Spooky
  4. Azrael
  5. Gargamel
  6. Shadow
  7. Voodoo
  8. Halloween
  9. Jack (o’lantern)
  10. Scary
  11. Eve (All Hallows)
  12. Freddy
  13. Ichabod
  14. Igor
  15. October
  16. Autumn
  17. Wednesday
  18. Candy
  19. Phantom
  20. Dracula
  21. Harlow
  22. Monster

10 Witchy Names for Black Cats 

A lot of people consider cats bad luck. And one of the reasons is because black cats are often associated with witches during the Salem Witch Trials. That’s not the case anymore, but we can still tie cats to witches, in a good way!

  1. Salem
  2. Elvira
  3. Charm
  4. Abracadabra
  5. Morticia
  6. Merlin
  7. Witch
  8. Luna
  9. Sabrina
  10. Eastwick
  11. Grimalkin
  12. Magic

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38 Unique Names for Black Cats

I decided to just lump some of my favorite names for black cats together in their own “unique” category. I am sure by now, you are sick and tired or reading through different sections, so here is a hodge podge of awesome black cat names

  1. Umbra
  2. Shade
  3. Murky
  4. Cloudy
  5. Foggy
  6. Misty
  7. Starlight
  8. Dark
  9. Sheep
  10. Swan
  11. Coal
  12. Cash
  13. Gypsy
  14. Yin
  15. Comet
  1. Ace
  2. Ashby
  3. Batty
  4. Blackjack
  5. Char
  6. Cleo
  7. Frankincense
  1. Genie
  2. Hazel
  3. India
  4. Java
  5. Jinx
  6. Money
  7. Omen
  8. Pepper
  9. Poppy
  10. Sesame
  11. Sage
  12. Smokey
  13. Spades
  14. Wicca
  15. Zu-Zu
  16. Zuko


10 Ironic Names for Black Cats

Some cat lovers love to go for irony…naming a hairless cat Fluffy, or a white cat “Shadow”, why not do the same for black cats?

  1. Yáng (light, sun)
  2. Sugar
  3. Sweets
  4. Angel
  5. Powder
  6. Casper
  7. Vanilla
  8. Cotton
  9. Snowball
  10. Blanca

10 Black Cat Names that Mean Night

Sometimes on of the coolest names for a cat is a simple name in another language. So check out these 10 names for nights in a different language. (Turkish is my favorite).

  1. Notte (Italian)
  2. Noche (Spanish)
  3. Gabi (Filipino)
  4. Noctis (Latin)
  5. Malam (Malay)
  6. Wengi (Javanese)
  7. Kecha (Uzbek)
  8. Nacht (German)
  9. Noite (Portuguese)
  10. Gece (Turkish)


I threw a lot of names at you, but that doesn’t always have to be the type of name you go with. You can pick a name you simply like, one based off a movie character you admire! I know some people name their pets off of their favorite foods. Which personally I think is GENIUS!

Whatever name you go with, will be the perfect name for your cat, because you picked it!

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