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Top Male Cats Names in 2023

    Best Male Cat Names


    You just got a male kitten and now you have to figure out a name. The shelter where you got him named him something lame like John (lame for a cat not a human). The important thing to remember is that they are small and cute now but they will eventually get bigger so a cute name may not always be the best to go with. The most important thing to remember is that you need to like the name because you will be saying it a lot.

    The lists of names below, except for the last one, were pulled from many different sources and filtered and complied by yours truly to give a more comprehensive list you can choose from.


    This list of male cat names are very popular according to Rover, and that means they are also the  most prevalent. Many other cats will have the same names but that means they are also great cat names.

    • Oliver
    • Leo
    • Milo
    • Charlie
    • Max
    • Jack
    • Simba 
    • Loki
    • Oscar
    • Jasper
    • Buddy
    • Tiger
    • Ollie
    • Louie 
    • Felix


    These names are for the tiny little furballs that just can’t get any cuter. If your cat has more of a softer side to them.

    • Astro
    • Benny
    • Boots
    • Doc
    • Jax
    • Lucky
    • Midnight (I would advise for black cats only)
    • Romeo
    • Teddy

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    If you are looking for something a bit off the wall, this category is right up your alley. Try one of these for a not-so-common name that could definitely stand out.

    • Armstrong
    • Arnold
    • Barney
    • Beau
    • Biff
    • Casper
    • Clay
    • Chairman Meow
    • Milton
    • Nox
    • Murray
    • Hermes
    • Dash
    • Jiggy
    • Magnum
    • Ziggy
    • Salem


    I love food and what better way to pay tribute to that than to name a cat after an item or dish of food. Here are some popular food names for male cats.

    • Beans
    • Alfredo
    • Cornflake
    • Snickers
    • Cucumber
    • Pickles
    • Nugget
    • Porkchop
    • Angus
    • Chewie (also a great Star Wars reference)
    • Jameson
    • Meatball
    • Spud

    Movie, TV, Lit.:

    Some of these movie/TV/Literature character names are names of cats in the movie/TV show/book or it is just a name of a character in the movie/TV show/book

    • Aslan (The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and The Chronicles of Narnia)
    • Binx (Hocus Pocus)
    • Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy)
    • Crookshanks (Harry Potter)
    • Felix (Felix the Cat)
    • Nemo (Finding Nemo)
    • Garfield (Garfield comic strip)
    • Optimus Prime (Transformers)
    • Mufasa (Lion King)
    • Tom (Tom and Jerry)
    • Neo (The Matrix)

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    Live Long and Pawspurr Approved:

    This category is for that names that we like and would use if we got a male cat. 

    • Steve
    • Winston
    • Ferguson
    • Thomas
    • Bucky
    • Henry
    • Norman
    • Noodles
    • Waffles
    • Pancakes
    • Harry
    • Louie
    • Larry


    It’s important to remember that while these are popular names and some of the favorites that we have found, doesn’t mean these are the only names that you can choose from. Make sure you check out ‘How To Find The Perfect Name For Your Cat” to see all the different areas you can get inspiration for names from.


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    1. We named my youngest Siamese, sight unseen Maverick! We nail it. Named after Bret Maverick

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