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What You Need to Know About National Holistic Pet Day

    What You Need to Know About National Holistic Pet Day

    August 30 is National Holistic Pet Day.

    National Holistic Pet Day is a day to highlight the importance of focusing on the animal as a whole.  Focusing on preventative health in Food, Body and Mind/Spirit.  Many times we wait until something is wrong before seeing a veterinarian, instead of preventing disease in the first place.

    Food – Just like with us, nutrition for our pets is very important.  Many pet foods contain additives that cause allergies and digestive issues. Talk to your veterinarian and get their opinion on the best foods to keep your pet healthy  Many people are making their own dog food and dog treats, to keep their pets healthy and happy.

    Body – each animal has its own physical characteristics and potential health concerns,  Know your pet and know what to look out for based on your pets breed.

    Exercise is very important.  Walking them and keeping them healthy can prevent health problems down the road.  Keeping their weight in check and keeping them active will benefit their muscles and joints.  Watch for skin issues and hot spots that could signal allergies.  Brush your dogs’ teeth and offer chew bones to keep their teeth healthy.

    Mind/Spirit – Nurturing your pet’s mind and spirit are as important as nutrition and body.  Our pets can read into our moods more than we realize.  When we are having a bad day, they know.  When we are happy, they know. Making sure that they know that they are loved and cared for, will help keep their spirit healthy and make our connections with them stronger.

    This may sound silly, but it’s very true.  Guinea pigs, for example, have been known to die of loneliness.  Guinea pigs who have stimulation and hear their family around them, are happier healthier and live longer.  Keep them around the family and please don’t lock them in a room all alone.  Do you want to be alone 24 hours a day….I doubt it.

    Stimulate your pet’s brain by playing with them.  Play fetch with your dog or give them a toy that they have to figure out to receive a treat.  Provide cats with cat trees and perches to climb, as if they were outside. Talk to your pets and talk in a happy voice.  They are so much smarter than we realize.  Don’t underestimate them.

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    Keep in mind, your pet is only part of your world. But you are their WHOLE world. You are their access to food, the outside world, and happiness. They want to communicate with us, we just really have to listen. Take the time to really get to know them and their habits and see what they are trying to tell you. When my parents dog is trying to tell them she wants to go outside, she gets excited when the understand and actually nods her head up and down like “yes…that’s what I want”  When their cat wants to go outside, she will scratch at her perch and look at them like “please let me sit on the deck”  Now that they know what she is doing, they understand her better.

    By watching their attempts to communicate, you can learn what your animal wants to tell you.  We just need to take the time to pay attention and be patient.  Keep them healthy and happy as a whole.

    Now, go love on your animal and talk baby talk to them. 🙂


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