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Why Cats Are the Most Under-Rated Pet

    Why Cats Are The Most Under-Rated Pets

    Why Cats are the Most Underrated Pet
    Why Cats Are the Most Underrated Pets” class=

    Cats, some of the best pets in the world.

    Oh, Cats. For Cat Lovers, they know they are the greatest pet and are so grateful cats have come into their lives. However, there are still a lot of people that don’t understand the joys that a cat can bring. They still have the stereotype that cats are mean, horrible creatures that secretly want to kill us in our sleep.

    I am here to debunk those myths and explain to those who aren’t sure just yet why cats are still extremely underrated. First, to start out, cats are not dogs. Therefore, if you are expecting your cat to be a dog, then you will be constantly disappointed. Here is an analogy for you, cats are cheetahs and dogs are lions. Both are majestic strong amazing animals that are some of the top creatures in the wild.

     If you were to expect a cheetah to be a lion, you will constantly be disappointed. But that does not make the cheetah any less majestic. Cats are the same way. They are not dogs, but that does not make them any less of an amazing pet.  If you’re curious as to what really makes a cat such an amazing pet, look no further.

    Which reminds me, after reading this, you are going to want to either love on your cat. Or, if you don’t have one, you may look into adopting one. (I’m just so persuasive I know). If you are then thinking of adopting, you will want to check out 7 Helpful Tips for Adding a New Kitten to Your Family.

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    Okay, now back to why cats are SO AMAZING!

    Their mean-ness is misperception.

    They are not mean! This one is  important. Cats are not mean animals. They are the factor of how they are raised and how you interact with them. If you were to go and hold them, and they start squirming to be released and meowing; you cannot be surprised when they scratch you. That is not them being mean animals. That is them not wanting to do exactly what you are wanting in those exact moments.

    Cats often get the mean stereotype because they are complicated beings. They are used to being solitary creatures and while they appreciate us, they require space to feel protected. They will not just walk up to you and swat at you (unless they are playing which I will discuss later in the article). They are not malicious creatures, they just require some patience. Which leads me to my next point.

    Why Cats Are The Most Underrated Pets” class=
    How Cats Show Love” class=

    “Cats are not mean animals”

    You have to earn their trust.

    Why Cats are the Most Underrated Pet

    Cats are smart creatures. While they will eventually love you, it is not something they will commit to if they have just met you. They are the type of animal where time and patience are required to see their full potential. But once you have earned their love, it is yours forever. Even if you take them to the vet or cut their nails…or sometimes even hold them when they are in the middle of a very important nap…they forgive and come rubbing against your leg moments later.

    They are self-sufficient.

     So, this is both a pro and a con of cats. A lot of people look down on cats because they don’t “need” you and would rather have a pet that needs constant love and attention. Cats though should have their self-sufficient abilities seen as a major positive and key reason why they are so amazing. You are able to have a great pet without needing to run home every couple of hours.

    Since they have a litter box and eat dry food that is able to be left out all day. So technically you can leave them alone for long periods of time…even days and they are perfectly fine. They may be a little mad at you when you come back, but they will not destroy the house while you were gone. I would consider cats to be somewhat similar to that of a preteen child. They are fine to be at home unsupervised for a couple of hours but are very thankful when their parent comes home to make dinner and help them out.

    Cats are a preteen child, without the attitude that comes along with the child (usually).

    “Cats are a preteen child, without the attitude that comes along with the child (usually).”

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    Why Cats are the Most Underrated Pet

    Cats can be as needy as a baby at times.

    In the same breath, they are very needy. I am going to contradict myself here a little. While cats are able to be self-sufficient, there are a lot of times where they need your love and attention. When a cat is feeling affectionate there are very few things that a cat will not do to get it. Cats will even dart between your legs while you are walking just for the opportunity to be close to you. Basically, when you think your cat is trying to kill you by tripping you, they actually just want to be close to you so badly they are able to risk it all by diving in between your moving legs.

    Some cats are more vocal than others. For those cat parents who are “lucky” enough to have a vocal cat…they will meow constantly when they want your attention. Others will literally leap into your hands to be able to brush up against you. Each cat is a little different in the way they show affection, but if you are willing to look for it they are willing to show it to you. Let’s face it, when they want to love you, it’s obvious.

    The brains of a cat are similar to humans.

    And the interesting fact I learned from Psychology Today is that cat’s brains are actually more similar to humans than dogs. That means a lot of times they have similar thoughts, feelings, and emotions to us. Because they think similar to us, we have the ability to understand why they do the things they do…most of the time. (I still don’t think I understand the fascination with the laser pointer that almost all cats seem to love, or that I would chase a dot around a room endlessly. But that’s just me)

    No collarbones…therefore are liquid.

    This is somewhat true. It is true that cats have no collarbone which is why they are able to squeeze into such tiny spots. Hence why everyone jokes that cats are liquid. Though cats are believed to like small spaces that require squeezing into (or “becoming their liquid selves”) The reason they feel safe in the small spots is the squeezing motion actually slows the heart rate down and helps calm the cat down. Similar to us humans, sometimes cats need to be calmed down, which is why the weighted blanket has become so popular with humans with anxiety. When you see your cat sitting in a tight spot, remember that they may be doing it simply for comfort instead of insanity. Some spots may be complete insanity though purely for our comic pleasure.

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    They enjoy being stimulated.

     Contrary to popular belief, cats do not just sleep all day. While they do require a lot of sleep and tend to sleep mostly during the day, they also need to be stimulated just like us, or even a dog.  Cats are intelligent creatures, and if they are not stimulated they can become bored, angry or even depressed. Just like us! By playing with them, either with a toy, or a string or even giving them the empty boxes that they love so much, you allow their brain to be stimulated and keep them happy and their senses sharp. If you notice your cat sleeping more than normal, I recommend trying to play with them a little more.

    Most importantly though, each cat is different. Just because your cat doesn’t like certain toys or a laser pointer doesn’t mean they don’t want to play. All that it truly means is that they enjoy interacting with you differently. I have a cat who’s form of playing is literally me chasing her from room to room. She loves it! Her tail is up and curved the entire time (a sign of friendliness and happiness in cats for those who don’t know) and sometimes she will even “flop” or roll over which is a sign of trust. It does not make her any less stimulated, just different. (Are you starting to see the similarities between humans and cats more and more as this article goes on?!)

    “Cats are intelligent creatures, and if they are not stimulated they can become bored, angry or even depressed”

    They know when you’re upset.

    Like a lot of different pets, cats are able to tell when you are not acting like yourself. They can also sense when you are upset and some will even try to comfort you. Now, their version of comfort may not be what you immediately think of when it comes to comforting. Sometimes they could come to sit on your lap or rub up against you. Some may roll over to show you they trust you (my guess is they think you are so upset because you think they don’t trust you…but again I am not inside the brain of a cat). Each cat is different but they all try in their unique way to make you feel better, whether it be cuddling up next to you when you are sick or not trying to climb up the curtain when they can sense your upset.

    Funny example, my parents have a cat who is very unique. When they are upset or yelling she will want to be held. In the process of holding her, if you are yelling or crying, she will actually bat at your face in an attempt to get you to stop. Pretty hard to stay mad or sad when you have a little cat batting at your face meowing for you to stop.

    They want to communicate with you.

    Continuing off the topic of being upset. Cat’s try their best to communicate with you. Now, it could be meowing (have any of you seen the cat that says hello. If not…that is a must, go and watch it, don’t worry I’ll wait here. *Insert Jeopardy Music while I wait* Okay, hilarious right?!) or it could be physical ways of communicating. There are some cats that are indoor and outdoor cats that know how to ring a bell when they want to come inside, and there are some cats that have even figured out how to open doors!

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    They truly love you, even want to help you.

     If you haven’t been convinced yet, hopefully, this last topic will be the deciding factor. They truly love their owner. They may not love everyone else and may even be protective of their owner. However, if you are lucky enough to be their owner, feed them and care for them; you will receive their love. As I have said numerous times throughout this article, each cat is different, so they show their affection and love differently. Just like their need for attention, showing their love is something that is obvious if you have seen it, or if you are willing to look for it.

    They even want to help you out! Anyone have outdoor only or indoor and outdoor cats that bring you “presents?. If you have never had a cat you may be asking, what are these presents you speak of? Unfortunately, not the positive terminology of a present. When a cat brings you their form of presents it is usually a completely dead, or half dead animal.

    Gross right?! You may be thinking, ‘Why would anyone call that a present?! And why would your cat be bringing you this disgusting thing?!’ Well interestingly enough, cats do this as a way to help you. Cats are natural predators and hunters. When they go outside, their instincts come out and they have the desire to hunt. When they catch something, they will usually bring it to you as a way to show you they can help hunting. They also bring you ‘presents’ because they fear you are not an adequate hunter and are trying to help you survive. (They don’t understand the idea of a grocery store, they just think they are helping).

    “They may not love everyone else and may even be protective of their owner.”

    Finally, cats are companions.

    They make great listeners. They are great buddies that are always there for you, never judge you for how you look or what you do. If you are a good person to them, continue to do things to build their trust…they will love you.  There are not many people who you feel the same way as animals do. They also don’t care about things like money and popularity. As long as you are able to afford (or hunt) food and have a box for them to play with…they are happy. They have no idea what the cost of the scratching post you bought was or even that fancy chair that their claws are just attracted to. If it is a warm loving home, they love you.

    In Conclusion, Cats Rule Not Drool

    So if you are looking for your next best friend, look no further than a kitten. You will have a twenty-something long friend who will keep you company throughout every trial and tribulation of your life. And for those of you who already know that cats are some amazing, sorry the secret is out. Cats are no longer for old single women, they are the perfect pet for all types of people!  

    “Hey Cat Lovers!
    Think of a reason why cats are underrated that I left out?! Share your thoughts on the comment section below!

    Why Cats are The Most Under-rated Pets” class=

    2 thoughts on “Why Cats Are the Most Under-Rated Pet”

    1. Lynn Schaad

      My Beloved Cat Chama of 13 years took his last breath right next to me (anyone else out there?) and I so enjoyed your article and Chama had all the wonderful character traits you spoke of and he always said “hello” and was an indoor outdoor kitty having successfully moved with me several times with no injuries involving a new street we moved to. He was the coolest kitten/cat and loved me as much as I loved him. So very cool. I had all the respect in the world for my Chama. He was fun, loving and oh so smart and yes, I did receive gifts from Chama too.

      1. livelongandpawspurr

        I am so sorry to hear about your cat passing. But it sounds like he had a pretty wonderful life! I’m so happy you took comfort in my post and I’m sure Chama will still bring you gifts…just a little different 🙂

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