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Why Do Cats Cover Their Faces When Sleeping?

    Why Do Cats Cover Their Faces When Sleeping?

    Kittens and cats are known for being adorable. The sleep in adorable positions, they sit in wonky places, sometimes just looking at them melts our hearts.

    But that doesn’t mean we always know what’s going on in their heads. And while we can ask them as much as we want, cats don’t yet have the ability to tell us what they are thinking. At least not with their words.

    Cats do a lot of things to help communicate with humans, sometimes we just have to really look closely and be willing to listen.

    This is especially true when it comes to cats sleeping. Their sleeping behavior can tell a lot about a cat. Even when they cover their face with their paws, or in some cases with their tails.

    We see cats napping a lot throughout the day. But only when they seem really tired do we catch them covering their face with their paws! Why is that?!

    Let’s talk about 5 possible reasons why Cats Cover Their Faces When Sleeping

    Blocks Out the Sun

    Let’s start with probably the one you are thinking of too. Cats are great at napping at all hours of the day. And even finding toasty warm places to snuggle up to. But often those toasty warm places are right directly in the sun with the rays beaming on their eyes.

    Your feline buddy figured out that she can use her paws or tail to block out the sun. When trying to sleep during the day, it seems that many cats prefer blackout curtains like some humans do.

    I have noticed that when my kittens are just napping or sun bathing they will go into the sun. But if they are really in need to catch some Zzzs, they will go to a place darker to get some piece and quiet. (Or cover their eyes of course).

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    Sense of Security

    Even those we may have had our cats since they were just little kittens, cats still have a predatory instinct. And wild cats are both predators and prey in the wild so they are wired to sleep in places where they feel safe.

    Even though your kitty may like to curl up in a beam of sunshine on the floor, she does the only thing she can to give her a sense of security – and that’s covering up her face. If you catch your cat sleeping in your pillows, or under your bed. That’s for the same reason. They want to feel safe and secure.

    And your kitty may want to feel safe in their little bubble, even if it is just in the middle of the living room.

    It’s a Comfort Factor

    Cats have a variety of sleeping positions that are comfortable for them, and it varies with each individual cat.

    I have cats that sleep on my chest in a little ball, and I have a cat that sleeps on her back, legs spread out for the world.

    For some cats, wrapping one or both paws around their face is a comfortable way of dealing with the placement of their paws while in a deep sleep. It’s similar to when we wrap our arms around our body. It’s like our own personal security blanket.

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    Keeps Her Nose Warm

    Cats can still get cold during winter-time. Curling up in a ball is the best way to retain heat, for both cats and humans. I have noticed my cats curling up in a ball when the air conditioning is too high, or if we haven’t turned the fireplace on in the winter.

    Tucking their feet underneath them and wrapping a paw or their tail around the face helps to keep their nose warm.

    I’m pretty sure I do something similar if I am cold when I am sleeping. No evidence of it though.

    Too Pooped to Move

    Kitties have a rough life. They have to wake up, eat, chase the shadows or siblings, get pets, groom themselves, and still find time to squeeze in their beauty sleep.

    Sometimes cats can be in the middle of grooming themselves when the sleepiness just hits them. The job doesn’t get done and the cat starts to fall asleep while cleaning their face with a paw, and it’s just easier to leave that paw where it’s at. It’s like when humans are reading a book, and then we wake up still holding the book.

    Besides, they may decide to finish grooming once they wakes up. And luckily their paw is already in the perfect position for grooming. Fresh and ready to take on the next few hours.

    Cats sleep in some of the oddest positions at times. Watching them makes us smile, and we naturally think our cat is the most adorable creature we’ve ever seen. We may not understand all of the odd things our kitty does, but that never lessens our love for them. In fact, it probably makes us love them all the more!


    Hopefully now you know why Cats Cover Their Faces When Sleeping! What else weird behavior does your cat do?

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