Why Does My Cat Drool?


Why Does My Cat Drool?

Do you ever have random questions about your cats?

Why does my cat does this?

Why does my cat do that? Well this next section is going to be answering all these questions! So if you ever have a question that I have not answered, feel free to contact me. I am sure that you are not the only one that has had this question.

So let’s get started with the first question, Why Does My Cat Drool?

Why Do Cats Drool?

Before we dive into the question, I want to share how this first question in our FAQ series got started. It actually is a funny story.

My fiancé and I were petting our kitten Wobbles and noticed the ground was always wet after she would get up.

Didn’t think much about it until I actually saw it coming from her mouth when we were petting her. She was drooling! We were curious so we looked it up. I didn’t think much of it because I thought it was just a quirk that she had.

When I was talking to some friends about what series I wanted to do next, they were asking me some questions about their cat’s behaviors. I realized, again, that not everyone researches cat things in their free time.

And if they do, I want them to come to me and for me to answer questions.

So I asked them, what weird or odd questions about your cat do you have? No matter how big, small, silly, or odd they were. I would answer them all. Hence the start of this next series.

So let’s start with a question I had to ask a while back and really the reason you all are here. Thanks for bearing with me for this introduction.

Why Does My Cat Drool?

If  you notice your pet drooling while they are being pet or relaxing, they are probably called ‘happy droolers’.

This type will probably drool their whole lives and is not anything to be concerned about.

Drooling is often a sign of relaxation and contentment. The drooling behavior often goes back to kitten-hood. While nursing, kittens would knead their paws on their mothers when they were hungry to stimulate the milk.

They then began to associate the comforting behavior of being fed warm milk and a nurturing bond between their mothers. Even when cats are off their mother’s milk, feelings of contentment often lead to kneading, which then stimulates drooling because of the connection to nursing.

There are other reasons while cats drool though. I like to start out with the most common reasons but it is important to understand all of them.

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Reasons Why Your Cat Drools

1. Your cat is happy and relaxed

Why does your cat drool while purring? Oftentimes cats purr when they are happy, like mentioned above. Normally when you are petting them, or they are happy, you may notice drops of drool dripping off them as they purr.

(If you are lucky like me, sometimes it will land right on your face).

Not all cats that are happy drool, just like every time your cat purrs doesn’t also mean they will drool.

But if they are purring, making biscuits, or slow blinking at you while drooling, the reason is because they are happy.

2. Your cat is afraid or anxious

Next, cats can also drool on rare occasions when they are stressed. Situations like car rides, moving, any stressful situation for them can result in them salivating. This can be accompanied by panting, meowing, and dilated eyes.

When you notice your cat drooling on rare occasions, watch and see if it is accompanied by stressful situations.

These “events” of drooling should be short term and go away once your cat no longer is stressed or afraid.

Again, if you notice your cat drooling and they are not happy, or noticeably stressed, you want to talk to your vet.

They will be able to run tests to make sure everything is happy and healthy with your pet. You can also talk to a 24/7 vet about your drooling issues with Just Answers.

3. Your cat ate something that tastes bad

Do you ate eat something that you don’t like and you catch yourself making that face and sticking out your tongue?

Well sometimes cats do too, and sometimes they just want that taste out of their mouths!

Which can sometimes make them drool. This doesn’t mean that they are sick…it just means that they don’t like what they just ate. And maybe don’t let them eat it again!

4. Your cat is sick

There are multiple reasons why a cat may drool. If they are not typical ‘droolers’ then this could be a sign that they are sick or nauseous.

If you know your cat does not normally drool and you notice it from their mouths, a vet visit would be recommended. You want to make sure you are able to rule out any health issues or diseases.




What Should I Do If My Cat is Drooling?

Drooling in cats can be very common.

If you notice them drooling when accompanied by petting, purring, and kneading, it is a sign of happiness and contentment. This is not anything to be worried about.

They can also drool when they are very stressed out. This should happen around similar situations and only be short term scenarios.

If you notice your kitten drooling in situations not described above, you want to contact a veterinarian.

This would be considered abnormal drooling and could indicate something more serious.

“I want to know from you guys, what questions do you have about your cat? Let me know below, or contact me!”

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