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Why I Decided To Foster Cats Again


    Why I Decided to Foster Again

    For those of you who are first timers on my site, first of all welcome! I cannot wait to talk to you guys about why I decided to foster cats and kittens again. Second of all, you may be asking yourself the question of again? Well, my first time fostering a cat was something a little strange. Her name was Binx, now Newt, and we found her at about two weeks old. She now has an AMAZING forever home and her story can be found, here!

    Why I Decided to Foster Again

    So, yes. I have fostered a cat before in the past. And if you read the article, then you know that I was on the fence if I would foster again. Fostering is not for everyone and it is not for people who cannot handle it.

    But I decided to do it again. My biggest reason, the feeling of seeing Binx/Newt in a good and loving home. Don’t get me wrong, I cried when Binx left to go to her forever home. It feels like you are losing something so important to you and there is no way their owners can love them as much as you can.

    With Binx, I knew she was going to an amazing home. Her owner is an awesome human who spoils her rotten and possible may give her a better than even I would have provided. (I said, MAYBE!). And when I took a step back, and got over myself, it was so rewarding to be able to help provide a home for a kitten.

    When we moved to the house, I realized that I wanted to do that again. I wanted to provide a temporary home for kittens waiting for their forever home. One less kitten to have to sleep in a cage. And Wobbles came from a foster home, so I had a pretty good idea of where I would go to start fostering again.

    Where to Find The Kittens

    Wobbles was part of the organization called PetPromise. They are a pet rescue organization that provides shelter and care for animals until they go to their forever home. I was already impressed with the organization just from talking with Wobbles foster mom, and Wobbies of course.

    So I reached out to them. PetPromise is a small group of amazing people based in Columbus, Ohio. They are always welcoming new fosters, so if you are interested in fostering, don’t hesitate to reach out to them. Also, there are ALWAYS fosters with cats. So if you are wanting to adopt a kitten in Ohio, you can also reach out to the group to see if there is a kitten that will fit your needs.

    About Pet Promise

    Pet Promise is also extremely smart in the sense that all their pets are also on Pet Finder.

    In fact, my foster kittens will be on Pet Finder soon. (I’m not tearing up, you are!) Which leads me into the next topic…the fosters! Are you ready to meet the kittens?!

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    Meet The Kittens

    Let’s get to the fun part! The kittens! Right now, we are fostering two domestic shorthair kittens. Their names are Chloe and Zoe, one is a ginger-like cat, and the other is a tortoiseshell coloring. As I am typing this, they are about 13 weeks old, and they came to us at around 8 weeks.

    They are spunky little beings that show how amazing kittens can be when they are healthy and raised properly. They will be the perfect addition to anyone’s home and we don’t expect them to stay here for much longer.

    One thing that I get asked a lot if why we have kept them so long thus far. Well, PetPromise, and me personally, want to make sure these kittens are going to the best home! One way they help set these kittens up for future success is making sure they have all their kittens shots, and are fixed prior to adopting.

    Chloe and Zoe were spayed just last week, which means they are just now eligible to be put onto PetFinder and ready for adoption. Personally, I love this! Because it helps kittens adapt to an environment, grow, and really come into themselves before going to their forever home. Plus! There is the added benefit of not having to worry if these kittens will be fixed or not…they already are!

    I will actually be doing a spaying tips, and talking about my experience with their spaying in a future post, because I think it would be extremely beneficial. This was my first spaying experience in probably about 4 or so year. Since Wobbles came from PetPromise, she was delivered to me spayed and ready to love forever. So I had a little adjusting to do, but that is another post.

    Another question I get asked a lot if how I will be able to give them up! They are just so darn cute! My response is always the same. Listen! I won’t be easy. I will most likely cry and feel sad and lost for a few days. But, the only way I am letting these kittens go to a new home, is if their owners are a perfect match.

    Just like with Binx/Newt and her owner, there will be the perfect owners for them. And when that time comes, I know they will be given the best forever home. And I will be able to foster more kittens! However, until that times comes, I am soaking up the kitten loving!


    I decided to foster again! I love the organization of PetPromise and that we can help animals in a fun way! If you are thinking about adopting, check out PetPromise for their animals! You can also foster with them, or any other organization near you!

    Fostering is so rewarding and I want to share their progress with you. So let’s continue on this journey and learn through doing!

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