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Pet Recommendations


My Favorite Products


Meowingtons co’s Fruit Tart Bed

Meowingtons has so many cute items but this item was actually what drew me to them in the first place. First, how cute! Second, the cats LOVE it. It provides pillows and a soft bed and your cats will melt your heart sleeping in it.

Use Code LLAPTRIBE for an additional 10% off!

basepaws Cat DNA Test

If you rescued your cat, chances are you don’t really know what breed your beloved pet is.

That’s where Basepaws comes in. They can do a complete DNA test AT HOME and give you all the genetic details about your kitty

Use Code LLAPTRIBE for an additional $10 off!

Cat Dancer

Whenever I talk about toys, I have to include this cat dancer. It is so simple, but so effective with my cats! I have bought so many of them because they love it so much they end up destroying them so quickly.

Best of all, it is only a few dollars to get this cute little toy!